Blogger of posted a link about the usage of Deaf terms

As I was browsing through the net on my last night before I fly home (Illinois) for the holidays, I checked and saw that he posted a link to about an article of how Deaf people prefer to be called deaf or hard of hearing, not deaf-mutes or hearing-impaired. His blog,, is one of the top blogs and is ranked at 26th for the most favorited blogs on with 10,859 links coming from 3,795 blogs, so he receives tons of traffic to his blog. It’s always nice to see a person like him to post a link because it means more exposure to our deaf community of how we want to be viewed as.

I say kudos to the guy of and hope that people will remember not to call us deaf mutes or hearing impaired.

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JD’s ASL storytelling, with ABC and 1 to 20 numbers

Ha, my friend Joseph Davis just posted an ASL video on youtube. He’s one hell of a storyteller!

Double-Walled Beer Glasses

I just ordered a few of this for my beer buddies. :-) I never thought I’d be doing christmas shopping but I am! Without friends, life is meaningless.

Test with photo upload from my sk

Sriacha Hot Chili Sauce,

My fave condiment; it’s like a ketchup to me.

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Firefox messenger bag

Ofc, this webpage is best viewed with Firefox. :-)

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Lenovo Opti Desktop PC

Looks cool. And it’s made by Chinese. o_O

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North Korea and South Korea doing some break dances.

Obviously inspired by the movie, Joint Security Area, which they created a fake set of the border between North and South Korea.

Looks like North Korea won. The clapping of Kim Jong-Il was funny as hell.

Cingular is an idiot.

Why? because they don’t offer unlimited data plan as the stand-alone plan like T-Mobile does. I was so gonna buy this phone from Cingular.

I realize there is a similar phone by T-mobile but it looks like a shit and I read one of the reviews that its keypad is not that great. I guess I’ll wait till they’re shipping smartphones with a 2.0 megapixels and a decent keyboard.

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Look Ma, I’m third on Google!

I was looking at my daily statistics and noticed the huge jump in the number of unique visitors from the average of 110 to 328. That’s more than double the numbers! Evidently, Tara McAvoy is the reason for that quantum leap, so I typed “Tara McAvoy” in the Google search and to my own amazement, I came out third on the list, besting the websites like,, and Never in my wildest dream that my website would be ranked better than these news sites. A while ago, the New York Times Co. bought from Primedia Inc. for about $410 million dollars. Heh, I feel like David versus Golitah.

However, nothing is to last forever, so I’ll probably lose my rank soon thereafter. One of the golden rules in news reporting or journalism is to report as soon as you can. Why? I received an “anonymous tip” from someone who’s also competing for the Miss Deaf America and learned that the culprit laid in Tara’s hands—her sidekick.

Here’s the screenshot below. :-)

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Know thy audience is now part of Google.

Say good-bye to all other blog sites like Xanga or Livejournal. :-D

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Wikipedia on ipod!

I’m gonna give this a try.

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Who needs iLife?

Remember when the Internet bubble burst? Well, it’s back and better than ever. The new hot trend is called as a Web 2.0 that is a mixture of dhtml, CSS and Ajax. They are well-designed, functional and useful, well, for most of the time anyway.

Gone are the days of walking to a Best Buy store, taking a stroll in the software aisle, and getting your greasy hands on a plastic box that wraps the software inside and then you carry it under your arm to a checkout. Oh wait, that’s prehistoric, during the Windows 3.xx/95 time. I mean get a broadband connection, find files to be downloaded, install them, only to find that you have successfully infected your computer with thousands of viruses or malware. Now you’re clueless because you’ve thrown away your $99 Windows Setup CD in the trash with that annoying AOL promotional CD (remember them?). Either you will have to walk back to Best Buy and buy another Windows CD or be stuck with a $2,000 computer that runs slower than Altair 8800.

Well, I’ve got good news for you. You don’t have to set foot in Best Buy or download malware files. There are applications that are web-based and all it requires is a web browser—I highly recommend Firefox–and you’re all set.

For calendaring, I use

For social bookmarking, I use

For photo storing/sharing, I use

For planning or organizing trips/events, I use

For online banking, I use

For to-do lists, I use

For TV listings since I don’t have a tivo yet, I use

For reading newspapers, I use

For emails, I use, the world’s best email.

These are good to keep your life organized and to touch bases. Best of all, they are FREE. If you need a more specialized software like Adobe Photoshop or a decent HTML editor, well, you’ll need to install them.

Now, who needs iLife?

Civic Type R hatchback concept (not for the US, anyway)

You know what? my car never went away. True, 2005 was the last year they made the EP platform, in which my car is based on. It didn’t fare too well here in the US, due to its hatchback design and Americans prefer coupes like Mustangs, Corvettes, or Camaros (have to say this for someone, ;-) ). But it sold well in other areas like United Kingdom, because it comes in a Type R model with a better engine. They were afraid that if they imported the same car, it would hurt RSX sales. Well, that’s the brief history.

The new 2006 Civic coupes are already out and I’m sure you have seen a few of them. I’ve seen more than 10 new Civics so far. What about UK? coupes? Nope, they are selling hatchbacks and it will look like this:

My car never went away.

Ricey or not? you decide.

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Logo redesign

There are two redesigned logos. Gmail and Yahoo! Look below:

Nano in men’s tie.

I thought the headphone with nano can’t be toppled till I saw this.

Now, where will the cord go? People can still see the headphones in the ears. Hmm.

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