Hello. Welcome to my blog. I suppose colophon is a fancy word used to describe the fuss of this 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 years old guy named Nathan W. Kester. Well, I’m somebody who is a Korean-American guy who was adopted by my parents and has enough time to bother with this kind of stuff and think it is the greatest thing ever since a man invented a wheel or sliced bread. Don’t you think it is neat enough that we’re sort of communicating right now?

If we were to ever meet in person, our ability to communicate will be slightly different than most. That’s because I’m Deaf and use American Sign Language natively. If you know the language, it’s hardly an issue, otherwise we can use technology like this or just use old plain paper and pen, then write.

The Site…

This is my 10th year running this blog. You can see the first ever entry here. Originally started as a playground to test latest web development and what I can do with it, it has turned into a somewhat personal blog that focuses on topics varying from my deafness, hobbies (golf, sports, food, writing) and my ever quenching knowledge/curiosity about technology—of what we can make of it, like you wouldn’t be reading this very post without a working OS, your computer, has an Internet access, and your ability to move a mouse.

This site is likely cached (to make this page load faster), powered by WordPress and uses Dreamhost as a web hosting.

Get in touch

Computers are usually an arm away from me so you can expect a prompt response from me. Emails are the next best thing to computers, sliced breads, beers, and wheels, send one to the address of nkester |at| gmail.com. Look forward to hear from you! And thanks for visiting.

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