Civic Type R hatchback concept (not for the US, anyway)

You know what? my car never went away. True, 2005 was the last year they made the EP platform, in which my car is based on. It didn’t fare too well here in the US, due to its hatchback design and Americans prefer coupes like Mustangs, Corvettes, or Camaros (have to say this for someone, ;-) ). But it sold well in other areas like United Kingdom, because it comes in a Type R model with a better engine. They were afraid that if they imported the same car, it would hurt RSX sales. Well, that’s the brief history.

The new 2006 Civic coupes are already out and I’m sure you have seen a few of them. I’ve seen more than 10 new Civics so far. What about UK? coupes? Nope, they are selling hatchbacks and it will look like this:

My car never went away.

Ricey or not? you decide.

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  1. Hehe, camaros are cool! :)

    the civic looks good, the headlights/front look like a more aggressive tsx. but the center nose looks like a saturn for some reason.. how much horsepower are they making?

  2. natech

    *gasps* You said the civic looks good? Thought you’d be one of the last person to ever say that. :P Not sure exactly how much hp will be. Obviously it has to be better than K20Z3 engine in the new civic si (197 hp). I’m guessing some flavor of K20A engine, at 220 hp with 8400 rpm as red line. Doh, would love to have that engine….

    The perfect engine setup would be to swap it with a TSX’s engine (K24A2), at 200 hp and 166 lb/ft, boost it with a Jackson Racing supercharger (JRSC), and finally, a K-Pro reflash to get VTEC kicking sooner and push the redline all the way back to 8k rpm. Now you’re talking about a car with 300 hp to the wheels. :-)

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