Look Ma, I’m third on Google!

I was looking at my daily statistics and noticed the huge jump in the number of unique visitors from the average of 110 to 328. That’s more than double the numbers! Evidently, Tara McAvoy is the reason for that quantum leap, so I typed “Tara McAvoy” in the Google search and to my own amazement, I came out third on the list, besting the websites like About.com, Fox7.com, and news8austin.com. Never in my wildest dream that my website would be ranked better than these news sites. A while ago, the New York Times Co. bought About.com from Primedia Inc. for about $410 million dollars. Heh, I feel like David versus Golitah.

However, nothing is to last forever, so I’ll probably lose my rank soon thereafter. One of the golden rules in news reporting or journalism is to report as soon as you can. Why? I received an “anonymous tip” from someone who’s also competing for the Miss Deaf America and learned that the culprit laid in Tara’s hands—her sidekick.

Here’s the screenshot below. :-)