JD’s ASL storytelling, with ABC and 1 to 20 numbers

Ha, my friend Joseph Davis just posted an ASL video on youtube. He’s one hell of a storyteller!

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  1. Neo

    whoa, i totally love this show and entertainment that i ever seen, this movie is definitely cool and awesome as maximum !

  2. Dude, that was amazing! Thanks for letting us know about this video! Do you have a link to his youtube account?

  3. rogelio

    Alway as JD! ASL!

  4. Glad to see that you are enjoying the video too. There’ll be more to come. :-)

    Zoee, His username is jdavis34 on youtube and it’s the only video posted so far.

    Rogelio, yup, that’s our man, JD!

  5. Frannie

    Magnificent!!! “HIGH FIVE” way C8)L ASL!!!

  6. Tina

    Nice job! 8)

  7. TLeonard

    My deaf Uncle does that alot much better and humorous, smile, but however that was good one anyway.

  8. Oh yeah? why don’t you videotape your uncle and we’ll see which one gives better ASL? :-)

  9. MustangLdy5

    Cool! Is he single? (blinking eyes..) Just kidding… Good job, Joe!


  10. MustangLdy5

    JD’s ASL storytelling, with ABC and 1 to 20 numbers: WOW, Neat ASL! I wonders if he is single? (blinking eyes…) Just kidding! Hey JD, Grrrreat JOB! (wink)

    Catherine c]:o)

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