Taco Bell/KFC: no cashier required

Technology is certainly on our side.

Know these self-serve cashiers at Wal-marts? Looks like Taco Bell/KFC is the first fast food to come with a self serve cashier.

Taco Bell/KFC photoset on Flickr

Man’s laundry dream


Washer, dryer, and iron all in one.

I’m gonna have one of these someday. Ah, I truly love technology.

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Who needs Pixar?

the love between PC and Mac.

Barbie to get a Korean makeover

Looks like Barbie is going international as she begins to sport a Korean garb.

This is the first time in Barbie’s 45-year career that she will be getting the Korean treatment. Korean Barbie will be on exhibition in Seoul from Dec. 10 – Jan. 28 at the Seoul Arts Center to mark her 45th birthday.kineda.com

Ajax Calendar

Wow, I’m totally digging this ajax-powered calendar website. Looks like it’s made by the same team who created del.icio.us.


Imation Flash Wristband

Wow, this is neato, same as those $1 wristbands started by Lance Armstrong but with USB.


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How to fold t-shirts in two moves

Wow, this is awesome. I gotta practice this.


Glowing Hands

Saw this website while surfing. I think it’s hilarious.

Here is the website that sells them.

Now we can talk in a bedroom without having to turn on lights. ;-)

a Workaholic

Haha this is funny.. who knows I might end up like the guy in 10 years from now…

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Ipod Nano Belt Buckle

Wow, this is sexy.

For anyone who owns a nano and wants to buy one.

Who came up with the theory of six degrees of separation?

Thought this was cool…. even more prevalent in the deaf world, which is like 1% of the entire population.

Yahoo! Answers – theory of six degrees of separation

In 1967, psychologist Stanley Milgram tried to test the theory by sending several letters to random people in the Midwest. The letter featured the name, address, and occupation of a single person on the East Coast; participants were asked to forward the letters to the people who they thought were most likely to know the person. It took an average of five intermediaries to reach the target.

Freedom City

Saw this on “How Stuffs work?” website. Someone asked what is the largest passenger ship in the world? Ofc, US carriers hold the title for being the largest ship but what about passengers? We all know about Titantic, which I think got way too hyped up ‘cuz someone said it was “unsinkable”. Ofc, nothing can be ever unsinkable! Right now, it’s the Royal Carribean Cruise line’s Explorer of the Seas. But something bigger is going to be built. It’s called the Freedom Ship. Currently, they’re still trying to find more investors and raise money to build this ship. The specs are as eye-popping as they can get. Check this out.

Freedom Ship from How Stuffs Works.

Freedom Ship FAQ – more info abt this ship.

No cruise ship that has ever been built can compare to the enormity of Freedom Ship. Imagine a mile-long stretch of 25-story-tall buildings in New York City; now imagine that floating on the water. If you can picture that, then you get the general idea of Freedom Ship’s size. At 4,320 feet (1,317 meters) long, 725 feet (221 m) wide and 340 feet (103 m) tall, the ship is taller than the length of a football field and wider than two football fields put together.

Freedom Ship will have 17,000 residential units and will be home to more than 60,000 people, including residents and all of the personnel that will be required to maintain the ship. The floating city will continuously circle the world and will travel to most of Earth’s coastal regions, offering residents the ability to see the entire globe without leaving their home. All of the ship’s employees will be given food, housing, uniforms, medical and dental care and a continuing education program. The ship will contain all of the features that any modern city might have, including:

*17,000 living units, with prices in the range of $180,000 to $2.5 million, including a small number of premium suites currently priced up to $44 million.
* A $200 million hospital
* A 3,800-foot (1,158-m) landing strip, which will serve private planes and some small commercial aircraft that carry no more than 40 passengers
* Hangars for private aircraft
* A marina for residents’ yachts
* A large shopping mall
* A school system offering K-12 and college education
* A golf driving range
* Bicycle paths
* 200 open acres for recreation
* 3,000 commercial units in a similar price range
* 2,400 time-share units
* 10,000 hotel units
* A World Class Casino
* A ferryboat transportation system that provides departures every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day, to 3 or more local cities giving ship residents access to the local neighborhood and up to 30,000 land-based residents a chance to spend a day on the ship.


Freedom City ship

Geekiness + Swiss Army Knife

Who would have thought that Swiss Army knife and Geekiness would mix? :-) The only thing it’s missing is a screwdriver. That would have closed the deal for me. Nearly all computer parts have screws.

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Shrink Windows to 256 mb on a USB drive

I gotta do this guide and banish Windows from this hard drive forever. :-)

Windows in your pocket.

In case you’re wondering why I bother to use Windows, well, there’s still some programs I need to use that isn’t available on Linux, like Sorenson’s Envision videophone program, NexTalk program to place TTY calls, and while I’m not exactly used to the GIMP program, I’m still using Fireworks to design websites. I know there’s a vmware but it’s slower and anything less than its optimal speed is intolerable.

The best part is that it’s portable, so when I go to see my parents for christmas, I just plug in my USB and start up the “mini” windows and do stuffs without messing up my parents’ computer. So I wouldn’t have to hear my dad saying, “What did u do with my bookmarks!?”.

Man, this is so sick!

Oh my god, seeing this pic nearly made me go off…you know, down there. *panting* I already have a mini ipod and was actually satisfied with it, despite the new Ipod Nano. But this pic, holy shit, this is reason enough that I’m gonna go the next day and buy the Nano and this headphone!!

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