Cingular is an idiot.

Why? because they don’t offer unlimited data plan as the stand-alone plan like T-Mobile does. I was so gonna buy this phone from Cingular.

I realize there is a similar phone by T-mobile but it looks like a shit and I read one of the reviews that its keypad is not that great. I guess I’ll wait till they’re shipping smartphones with a 2.0 megapixels and a decent keyboard.

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  1. Try Verizon.

    I have unlimited plan with Verizon Pocket PC XV6700 for $49 a month. SMS is not part of it tho.

    gwlj :)

  2. buzzair

    Yes, I hate Cingular with a passion. They rape you with their plans.

    Christine got the new Blackberry 8700 but she can’t use AIM, IP-Relay, or any other third party software because Cingular forces you to buy their additional .MediaNet plan for an extra 20 bucks a month.

    Thats on top of the 50 that she is paying already for unlimited data. Cingular forces you to have voice plans too.

    Howver I found a workaround on the blackberry forums for AIM without paying, but still can’t use ip-relay.

    Just wait for t-mobile, they might have it soon. They are usually slower than cingular with new products, but their plans are better and deaf friendly.

    They are getting the new blackberry 8700 on April 13th…I’m thinking about an upgrade.

  3. natech

    Ah, thanks Grant. Will check it out.

    Jeez, doesn’t Christine know she’s getting raped by Cingular? Save her!

    I’m not a big fan of blackberrys. Too much thumb-clicking/rolling; I nearly had an arthritis after a few hours of using it. Sidekick works ‘cuz it has a plenty of shortcuts.

    My friend recently got a 8700. Really sweet and eye-candy. You’ll love it. :-)

  4. LOL, arthritis already from using a blackberry for a few hours?!

    I agree with you about cingular. My girlfriend has a cellphone plan under cingular and the bill seems to crawl higher and higher with bullshit fees or add-ons that she never requested.

    Still with no pager or handheld device yet. :)


  5. buzzair

    I warned her about the rape…but she had to have the latest and greatest and cost be damned, but now she’s wishing she waited for tmobile.

    What ya gonna do?? :)

    Blackberry has shortcuts keys too, just gotta find em.

  6. natech

    Yeah, Mike. I can already feel the pain or the stress developing on my thumb. Wasn’t kidding. That’s impressive of you not to own a pager. More money for beers and food. :-)

    So, she’s stuck with a contract or something? Maybe she could switch to T-mobile when it’s available.

  7. Heh.. do not worry, she does not support T-mobile, and she got her pager service with AT&T before they were bought out by Cingular.

    She has her next pager service sights set on Verizon, but her contract expires in the fall so she got plenty of time to explore her next pager options. :)


  8. natech

    Ok, good luck to her. Hope she’ll find a good deal. I want to buy a new phone too.

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