Blogger of posted a link about the usage of Deaf terms

As I was browsing through the net on my last night before I fly home (Illinois) for the holidays, I checked and saw that he posted a link to about an article of how Deaf people prefer to be called deaf or hard of hearing, not deaf-mutes or hearing-impaired. His blog,, is one of the top blogs and is ranked at 26th for the most favorited blogs on with 10,859 links coming from 3,795 blogs, so he receives tons of traffic to his blog. It’s always nice to see a person like him to post a link because it means more exposure to our deaf community of how we want to be viewed as.

I say kudos to the guy of and hope that people will remember not to call us deaf mutes or hearing impaired.


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  1. This is indeed welcome news! I’m glad that hearing people in general are beginning to discover some real information about Deaf people now.

  2. natech

    Definitely. I don’t know if it’s just me but I am beginning to see more people learning ASL or a few signs and don’t regard us as disabled. They are more open to work out the communication instead of shutting us out like a clam. I’d like to think the Internet has something to do with this. :D

    We gotta keep blogging on till the day we are fully regarded as a linguistic minority than a disability group that seeks a fix to our hearing.

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