Londonians: Unafraid

Cool logo design. It’s like thinking outside the box. This should be used as an official logo, opposing the “Do Not Enter” sign.

Just saw this quote in the Washington Express newspaper: “Piss on you, terrorists. The mood here is much closer to annonyance than terror! … These people don’t deserve to be called terrorists, I hereby dub them annoyists.”


The story

Lol, girls wearing flip-flops to the White House. That’s how you know we ain’t in the 20th century anymore.

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All in moment

Someone called all in, see who will be the first to be gone!

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Let the game begins!

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How to be a Saavy Web Surfer

Let’s face it. Everyone loves to surf the web and it doesn’t matter what it is—blogs, pics (porno and beautiful women), latest technology products, new ideas, ebay, cars, etc. Ever since I got out of college and start working full-time, I find myself surfing the web a lot more and God knows how many clicks I’ve made. But web-surfing can become tedious and frustrating, like you repeatedly check your friend’s blog to see if it’s updated but most of the time, it’s not. And you feel like a fool for checking it so often and comes up nothing. Nobody wants to do that unless s/he is a stalker.

Well, if you want to take your web-surfing skills to the next level, you only need two things: bloglines and

Bloglines is a subscription service that lets you to subscribe to any website—xanga, livejournal, news sites, etc—and notify you when it gets updated (it’ll become bold). What I mean by subscribing is that you can obtain the information WITHOUT having to visit the website first. That saves your time on redundant surfing and without being empty-handed. Bloglines only reads the text, (thus ads, ugly backgrounds, etc are ripped out) and post in a nice clean summary so you can scan easily (and easy on your eyes too). If it perks your attention, you simply click to go through to the website. is a social bookmark site so you can save your bookmarks and “cool” sites that fancy your interests and you want to save it. It has tags to classify the websites and you can use the tags to search others’ sites. It also features the most popular sites (meaning it’s worth a visit) where members are rapidly adding them to their list.

Once you start using those two services, your web surfing experience will never be the same.

Put your Sidekick on steriods

If you stay on AIM as much as I do (although I do sign off before going to bed without leaving it on for days, just trying to save some electricity there to help me with business electricty prices), you find ways around your buddylist. Like, I have a buddy group named “S=K”, all for those who own a Sidekick, girls are at the top half and boys at the bottom half. The last time I look at it, there’s 37 people under the group. So, a lot of you is a owner of Sidekick. Today, I discovered there’s more than just phone ringers in the SK, they have a program called MoneyClip that is a personal finance manager. Perfect! So I can know how much left is in my balance without checking online or going to ATM and print the statement and pursue my dream of becoming a millionaire one day, which is like light years away.

While we’re on this, if you really want to take your Sidekick to the next level and be a total geek to your friends, go to this Break your warranty (meaning T-Mobile will not be responsible for any damage you might incur to your SK but you can always smooth-talk to a rep to get them to send you a new one), unlock your SK, plug in the USB cord and start downloading programs to your SK. They got really awesome cool programs like Google Map with yellow pages info, Weather Info, Wheelie (so you can arrange applications to your taste, like I don’t even use the phone mode at all, dump it to the bottom of choices), a dictionary, and the best of all is that it got a Poker Texas Hold ‘Em! Yay, so I can play it at work and improve my odds-on thinking. :-)

I’m definitely getting my money worth it.

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Some random updates…

Feel like posting something in here so I don’t have to use this worn-out-but-people-are-still-using-it excuse, “Gosh, I haven’t blogged in a decade! Been so busy!”. Anyway, been working on my redesign but nothing really seems to be getting together. I’ve been looking at other people’s designs for some ideas and inspiration. Seems like my artistic skill isn’t quite up to the par as those professional designers. Also been working on a photo gallery linked to my new Flickr Pro account but due to a poor documentation, I couldn’t figure out how to get the thumbnails in the sidebar column. Hopefully not too long before I find how to do that.

So, those were the frustrations I’m having with my redesign but much to my delight, I found this useful plugin for firefox browser that lets you to add “archive” and “delete” button to your gmail. Aren’t you tired of having to use the drop-down menu, then click on archive or move to trash? Well no more of that crap with this plugin!

Hmm, Yahoo’s blog has gone public, it’s called Yahoo! 360. This social networking thing is really heating up now (hold, isn’t that already been heated up?) between the rivals–Microsoft (MSN Space), Google (Blogger), and now Yahoo. And don’t forget other blogging sites like Xanga and LiveJournal for those who don’t want to fiddle with html codes.

Firefox updates its browser, it’s now 1.0.5. The link here.

Now, let’s end this post with a cartoon, :-)

Pretty self-description, huh?

Golf Dream

I’m not sure what exactly happened but as I was reading an email on deaf golf updates, it mentions that there will be a U.S. Deaf Golf Championship in Rochester, New York that is two weeks away from now. How could I miss this!? For some reason, I’d forget about it and have been playing golf rather not competitively but lesuirely (plenty of mulligans, not really taking it seriously). I wish I could have known about this tournament so I’d prepare and make up enough time to get off from work since it’s going to be a week long. It’s been my dream to play in the tournament and if I placed in top ten, I earn a spot to be on the World Deaf golf team to play against other countries. And who knows if I get good enough, I’d have a shot at the PGA tour or the Nationwide tour? Currently, only one deaf golfer is on the Nationwide tour and is trying to get a cut to earn a PGA tour card.

Talked about this with an incredibly sweet girl and if she was me, she’d f*ck work and go for it. But more realistically, there’s always next time. So, the lesson here is that it’s never too late. Thanks for making me feel better, :-)

Thing to do on the list: play in a club, find golf tournaments, and apply yourself to every shot!


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Back in DC…

Wow, am back in my office after four days stay in Colorado. I sure had a blast there. Congrats to Mario who’s no longer a bachelor anymore, may they live happily in marriage. Am catching up with friends’ blogs, news especially sports and tour de france, etc as I haven’t touched a computer since I went to Colo. Gotta install a photo gallery as soon as I finish my redesign, hopefully sometime this week. For now, some pics would do.

Darn, the bride closed her eyes. Too many cameras were flashing.

Yay, she kept her eyes open.

Mario and I chilling with our beers. There was an open bar so I must have drank more ten beers. Nothing beats a free beer, :-) Oh yeah, I have this beer philosophy that you drink local beers cuz that’s the freshest beer you can get. Denver – Coors, STL – Budweiser, Milwaukee – Miller Lite, DC – Yuengling (in PA but only 2 hours away). Well, comment if you disagreed with that.

Happy Fourth of July!

Snapped this at Reagan National airport.

Chipotle in Denver

Apparently, I can’t have enough of their burritos, ha.

Tokyo Joe

The man of the hour!


Being a Deaf person part 2

Grr, everybody should know that those airplane seats next to emergency exit doors have more room than most other seats due to the design. That’s where I was supposed to sit in. But the flight attendent, recognizing that I was Deaf, prompted me and said I couldn’t sit here and have to move. Argh! I couldn’t sit in the emergency seats cuz I’m deaf? If an emergency were to occur, nobody will give a shit if you could hear or not. Everybody will be just trying to bust into the door and to get the hell out of the plane as soon as possible.

Now, I have to suffer with a kid kicking legs behind my seat, thanks to this safety relocation.

You could see the big water below; that’s Lake Michigan to you.

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