Put your Sidekick on steriods

If you stay on AIM as much as I do (although I do sign off before going to bed without leaving it on for days, just trying to save some electricity there to help me with business electricty prices), you find ways around your buddylist. Like, I have a buddy group named “S=K”, all for those who own a Sidekick, girls are at the top half and boys at the bottom half. The last time I look at it, there’s 37 people under the group. So, a lot of you is a owner of Sidekick. Today, I discovered there’s more than just phone ringers in the SK, they have a program called MoneyClip that is a personal finance manager. Perfect! So I can know how much left is in my balance without checking online or going to ATM and print the statement and pursue my dream of becoming a millionaire one day, which is like light years away.

While we’re on this, if you really want to take your Sidekick to the next level and be a total geek to your friends, go to this www.skdr.net. Break your warranty (meaning T-Mobile will not be responsible for any damage you might incur to your SK but you can always smooth-talk to a rep to get them to send you a new one), unlock your SK, plug in the USB cord and start downloading programs to your SK. They got really awesome cool programs like Google Map with yellow pages info, Weather Info, Wheelie (so you can arrange applications to your taste, like I don’t even use the phone mode at all, dump it to the bottom of choices), a dictionary, and the best of all is that it got a Poker Texas Hold ‘Em! Yay, so I can play it at work and improve my odds-on thinking. :-)

I’m definitely getting my money worth it.