Golf Dream

I’m not sure what exactly happened but as I was reading an email on deaf golf updates, it mentions that there will be a U.S. Deaf Golf Championship in Rochester, New York that is two weeks away from now. How could I miss this!? For some reason, I’d forget about it and have been playing golf rather not competitively but lesuirely (plenty of mulligans, not really taking it seriously). I wish I could have known about this tournament so I’d prepare and make up enough time to get off from work since it’s going to be a week long. It’s been my dream to play in the tournament and if I placed in top ten, I earn a spot to be on the World Deaf golf team to play against other countries. And who knows if I get good enough, I’d have a shot at the PGA tour or the Nationwide tour? Currently, only one deaf golfer is on the Nationwide tour and is trying to get a cut to earn a PGA tour card.

Talked about this with an incredibly sweet girl and if she was me, she’d f*ck work and go for it. But more realistically, there’s always next time. So, the lesson here is that it’s never too late. Thanks for making me feel better, :-)

Thing to do on the list: play in a club, find golf tournaments, and apply yourself to every shot!