Only in DC

Only in DC, Posted via Sidekick II by natech.

24 hrs subway with bulletproof glass, no seats.

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Xbox party

Xbox party, Posted via Sidekick II by natech.

Blake, Clint, Ernie, and Mark.

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Xbox party

Xbox party, Posted via Sidekick II by natech.

Halo 2 group

New hand air blower/dryer

Cool, this new blower dried off my hands in a few seconds, instead of

like 1, 2 mins. (Proof I do wash my hands, ;-)

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new web hosting server

I just realized I only have two days left before I either renew my contract with my current web hosting server or change to a new server. Or this whole thing will be shut down and I lose everything on the server. I’ve broken the biggest rule in computing: always back up your data. Which I haven’t done so. Good thing I use Flickr as my image management. Since my current web server doesn’t allow shell access due to security reasons, I found this web hosting service that allows unix access at a good deal, $7.95 a month for two years.

I’m gonna go ahead and migrate over to the new server. I hope it’ll go smoothly without any hiccups. That’s if someone will notice. ;-)


I found this absolutely sweet deal, thanks to, he used the coupon, ’77OFF1YEAR’ to save $77 from $111.95 for one year ($9.95 a month) to only $3.95 a month. That sealed the deal for me. Hello Dreamhost.

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Apple has done it once again…

It seems as if when people are starting to sell off Apple stocks, Apple laughs and unveils new products that make people regret for doing so.

Apple’s newest ipod called “nano”. Also, mini ipods are now discontinued. Notice that the screen is color, not mono. And its battery life is 14 hours. Damn is all I can say.

Apple’s joint product with Motorola.

Modified Porsche Cayenne

This is one sick SUV that will kick the hell out of corvette’s ass!

Check out the numbers:

600 hp
637 ft-lbs of torque – (you’ll need a neck brace for it if you have no idea what that means)
4.4 seconds from 0 to 60 mph
181 mph top speed

the secret ingredient? it has twin turbochargers the size of jet engines

Who knew it would look that good when it’s lowered like a car.

Ben Franklin’s 12 rules of Management

Saw this post from Jason Lamberton’s blog. I couldn’t agree more with this list by Ben Franklin!

Ben Franklin’s 12 Rules of Management:

1. Finish better than your beginnings.

2. All education is self-education.

3. Seek first to manage yourself, then to manage others.

4. Influence is more important than victory.

5. Work hard and watch your costs.

6. Everybody wants to appear reasonable.

7. Create your own set of values to guide your actions.

8. Incentive is everything.

9. Create solutions for seemingly impossible problems.

10. Become a revolutionary for experimentation and change.

11. Sometimes it’s better to do 1,001 small things right than only one large thing right.

12. Deliberately cultivate your reputation and legacy.

Only in Gally…

Two deafies talking to each other thru window.

Light at the end of tunnel


Comic, Posted via Sidekick II by natech.

A father reading a college guide while his son said I’d rather go to


Sidekick to Flickr to

Finally got this working, baby. I wanted to take full advantage of Flickr by consolidating all images to Flickr. Flickr has this great API that sends images to your blog. At first, it wasn’t working right and it turned out to be the xmlrpc.php file so I had to go and get a patch to upgrade this to WordPress 1.5.3. Now it’s operating beautifully and I have two plug-ins that I could post from my sidekick, one for images and another for text only. This sidekick really works great when you’re away from computer. All it needs is email support, camera (wish it has more mp) and an access to the www (so emails could be sent physically) and the scripts in the server will know what to do with it. That’s what I called real technology, :-)


Guess what? I’ve finally installed Flickr plugin onto my website. Special thanks to Daveynin for giving me a free account to Flickr Pro for one year. I found this cool photo gallery plugin that grabs images from Flickr on any webpage without having to go to Flickr website first. So that leaves up to your choice if you want to go directly to Flickr or muddle around here. :-)

While at this, I’ve tweaked my website a bit, tying the pages together and added Gallery page to the navigation bar, so you can see my albums from Flickr.

I still have tons of pictures to upload and the first one to be uploaded was from my recent trip to Denver for my friend’s wedding. Sure had a blast there.

Till then, happy looking!

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1/2 gallon soda drink!?

What will they think next? 1 gallon soda?


I am sure that you have heard of GoogleFight before, to see which website has more hits. Guess what? there’s one for AIM screen names, to see who is more popular.

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