How to be a Saavy Web Surfer

Let’s face it. Everyone loves to surf the web and it doesn’t matter what it is—blogs, pics (porno and beautiful women), latest technology products, new ideas, ebay, cars, etc. Ever since I got out of college and start working full-time, I find myself surfing the web a lot more and God knows how many clicks I’ve made. But web-surfing can become tedious and frustrating, like you repeatedly check your friend’s blog to see if it’s updated but most of the time, it’s not. And you feel like a fool for checking it so often and comes up nothing. Nobody wants to do that unless s/he is a stalker.

Well, if you want to take your web-surfing skills to the next level, you only need two things: bloglines and

Bloglines is a subscription service that lets you to subscribe to any website—xanga, livejournal, news sites, etc—and notify you when it gets updated (it’ll become bold). What I mean by subscribing is that you can obtain the information WITHOUT having to visit the website first. That saves your time on redundant surfing and without being empty-handed. Bloglines only reads the text, (thus ads, ugly backgrounds, etc are ripped out) and post in a nice clean summary so you can scan easily (and easy on your eyes too). If it perks your attention, you simply click to go through to the website. is a social bookmark site so you can save your bookmarks and “cool” sites that fancy your interests and you want to save it. It has tags to classify the websites and you can use the tags to search others’ sites. It also features the most popular sites (meaning it’s worth a visit) where members are rapidly adding them to their list.

Once you start using those two services, your web surfing experience will never be the same.