All in moment

Someone called all in, see who will be the first to be gone!

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  1. Josh

    So, who won?

  2. natech

    The first place went to Rob Rice who was simply on the luck side the whole time. He got $110 dollars. Second place was Joey Dresi. He had the biggest pot but eventually lost to Rob. He got $50 dollars. Third place was Seth Gerlis who played his first ever poker; beginner’s luck. He got $20 dollars.

    Me, luck wasn’t on my side. I lost most of my pot when someone beat me with a higher staight. He had a Queen to eight while I had a Jack to Seven. And then I got out after someone got a flush on the river (5th) card while I had a pair of King. Even though the odds were in my favor, I still lost. If I won both, I’d probably have the biggest pot. :-( Well, that’s called poker.

  3. Rob

    Was fun playin’ with y’all! Thx for having me and for playing host!

  4. Josh

    Aye, at least you dealt and gambled on your hands. Win or lose, I still love poker… mainly because you’re not playing against the house, you’re playing against the other players and see who has the gut or will.

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