How to write a blog post

Saw this from Seth’s blog.

An appropriate illustration,
A useful topic, easily broadened to be useful to a large number of readers,
Simple language with no useless jargon,
Not too long,
Focusing on something that people have previously taken for granted,
That initially creates emotional resistance,
Then causes a light bulb go go off
and finally,
Causes the reader to look at the world differently all day long.

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What separates pro golfers from amateurs or wanna-be like me?

One of my good golfer friends told me this: your putting and mental game.

Right. And I suck at those very areas. Oh well, at least it’s fun to play.

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Max-width image solved for IE

I’m a Firefox user but that doesn’t matter. More than 80% of visitors use IE browser so when I tested my webpage in IE recently, the layout was out of places. That was due to the width of images that is larger than the width of post section. So I used max-width CSS attribute but it doesn’t work on IE. Luckily, I found this link that tells how to get around that.

.post-body img {
width: expression(this.width > 400 ? 400: true);

That’s all it takes to restrict images to a specific width for IE. Now my website is back in its proper layout.

Problem solved.

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Psst, easier way to transfer pics on Mac

I dislike using iPhoto because it would transfer all the pics from my camera whereas I just want to transfer a few pics. After some googling, there is indeed an easy way.

Use Image Capture in the Application folder. Click on ‘Download Some’. That’ll allow you to select pics that you want to transfer. Problem solved. :-)

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Outdoor beanbag

We’ve seen a plenty of different beanbags but have you seen one that is designed for outdoors? like on the beach? Here’s the one.

Link to the store: Fatboy Outdoor

“It’s even more versatile. You can prop it up on itself and sit in it just like a chair, but you can also recline in it, roll it up and lie against it, perch on it horseback-style–and since it’s 55 inches by 75, you can really sleep on the thing.”

Cool but it’s $350.

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WordPress facebook cross post plugin

See if this works.

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Marriage proposal – ‘ILY sign’ on a cake

One of my co-workers’ friend who is learning to become an interpreter recently proposed to his fiance with a cake that said “ILY” sign. I would have put up his picture but I don’t have his permission, tho.

That strikes me something. I haven’t never really thought about putting a ‘ILY sign’ on a cake. I wonder if that’s pretty common and wonder how many of you have done that.

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silver WRX STI screenshot

my screenshot of a silver WRX STI, originally uploaded by natech.

So damn gorgeous, :-)

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How to Get the Exercise Habit

This is a great article to stay motivated and work out. I need that.

How to Get the Exercise Habit link


All habits are formed through repetition. Psychologists say it takes 21 repetitions for a behavior to become a habit. I suspect it takes longer than that. If you can find a way to exercise for at least 21 consecutive times, you have a greater chance of making exercise a part of your lifestyle.

Ok, I will do one kind of physical activity everyday. Doesn’t matter what it is: gym, basketball, running, washing cars, cleaning, swimming, doing laundry, whatnots. I recently bought fitness machines from I can do exercise everyday without excuses.

Be accountable to someone.

Use the same strategy on yourself by choosing an exercise buddy who will hold you accountable if you miss your workout. A trick that works is to make a bet with a good friend. A Michigan State University study found that people who bet with a friend were 97 percent successful in sticking to their exercise programs.

Just made a bet with my good friend. If he could drop under 200 lbs, I’ll buy him a MJ shoes. If not, he’ll buy for me. :-)

Prepare your exercise clothes.

I need to do that.

Begin, the rest is easy.

There are days when I don’t feel like doing my weights but, invariably, I find that if I just begin, I get a great workout. According to Tommy Pamintuan, Resident Manager of the Apo View Hotel in Davao and an avid exerciser, every time he doesn’t feel like working out, he reminds himself that if he just starts, the rest is easy. He says that he has never finished an exercise session regretting that he did it. On the contrary, he says the regret comes when he has decided to skip the workout.

Yup, gotta keep that mentality. Great, now I feel motivated. :-)

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Male Koreans: the Italians of Asia

In Japan, a yen among women for `Seoulmate’

TOKYO — Thin and gorgeous in a slinky black dress and Mikimoto pearls, with a diamond Tiffany pendant, 26-year-old Kazumi Yoshimura already has looks, cash and accessories. There’s only one thing this single Japanese woman says she needs to find eternal bliss–a Korean man.

The Italians of Asia

Entertainment industry leaders in Seoul credit the phenomenon to good marketing automation workflow coupled with an uncanny response throughout Asia to the expressive nature of the South Koreans–long dubbed the Italians of Asia. A hearty diet and two years of forced military duty, industry leaders and fans insist, have also made young South Korean men among the buffest in Asia. Most important, however, has been the South Korean entertainment industry’s perfection of the strong, silent type on screen–typically rich, kind men with coincidentally striking looks and a tendency to shower women with unconditional love.

Very interesting article!

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“I want a Korean boyfriend” from D-addicts forum

This forum thread is amusing.

“I want a Korean boyfriend” from D-addicts forum

I’ve always thought that Korean males aren’t very desirable but it appears that I may be wrong.

Some excerpts from the thread:

I live in Korea and I happen to think the reason why Koreans are the most desired Asian males is simply because they tend to be the tallest well-known Asian. I’m not claiming that they are the tallest Asians, period; however, they ARE significantly taller than the majority of people I saw in Japan and Taiwan, and according to official statistics, they are a good deal taller than the average Vietnamese and Thai as well. Given the many different people in China, I’m sure that a few groups of them will be taller than Koreans, but the thing is that they are not well-known among Westernised Asian drama fans.

Korean men, unlike Japanese or South East Asian men (I think.. though admittedly, I don’t know much about South East Asia. Correct me if I’m wrong), also have to complete a mandatory military service lasting for over 2 years. During that time, their bodies achieve a level of fitness that is hard to find in any other Asian country I have visited and many stay fit well after their military service.

I actually met 2 German girls in Seoul who have completed half a year of Chinese language study in Beijing and have travelled extensively through China and Japan. They looked at me starry-eyed and said, “Korea is incredible. The country has Asian men with broad backs and shoulders!!”

I work as the assistant manager of a student housing apartment complex near a major university. We have A LOT of international students and quite a lot of them are Korean. I sit at my desk and get treated to eye candy all day long. I live on site and get a really good discount on my rent. Maybe I should get an I want a korean boyfriend t-shirt and start innocently wearing it at home but outside of work. See what happens? ^_^

It’s true that Korean males tend to have broad shoulders and jaws too. They also become muscular easily after a few weeks of weightlifting. Cool, I’m proud of my country but I’m still very much American inside. :-)


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