How to Get the Exercise Habit

This is a great article to stay motivated and work out. I need that.

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All habits are formed through repetition. Psychologists say it takes 21 repetitions for a behavior to become a habit. I suspect it takes longer than that. If you can find a way to exercise for at least 21 consecutive times, you have a greater chance of making exercise a part of your lifestyle.

Ok, I will do one kind of physical activity everyday. Doesn’t matter what it is: gym, basketball, running, washing cars, cleaning, swimming, doing laundry, whatnots. I recently bought fitness machines from I can do exercise everyday without excuses.

Be accountable to someone.

Use the same strategy on yourself by choosing an exercise buddy who will hold you accountable if you miss your workout. A trick that works is to make a bet with a good friend. A Michigan State University study found that people who bet with a friend were 97 percent successful in sticking to their exercise programs.

Just made a bet with my good friend. If he could drop under 200 lbs, I’ll buy him a MJ shoes. If not, he’ll buy for me. :-)

Prepare your exercise clothes.

I need to do that.

Begin, the rest is easy.

There are days when I don’t feel like doing my weights but, invariably, I find that if I just begin, I get a great workout. According to Tommy Pamintuan, Resident Manager of the Apo View Hotel in Davao and an avid exerciser, every time he doesn’t feel like working out, he reminds himself that if he just starts, the rest is easy. He says that he has never finished an exercise session regretting that he did it. On the contrary, he says the regret comes when he has decided to skip the workout.

Yup, gotta keep that mentality. Great, now I feel motivated. :-)