Male Koreans: the Italians of Asia

In Japan, a yen among women for `Seoulmate’

TOKYO — Thin and gorgeous in a slinky black dress and Mikimoto pearls, with a diamond Tiffany pendant, 26-year-old Kazumi Yoshimura already has looks, cash and accessories. There’s only one thing this single Japanese woman says she needs to find eternal bliss–a Korean man.

The Italians of Asia

Entertainment industry leaders in Seoul credit the phenomenon to good marketing automation workflow coupled with an uncanny response throughout Asia to the expressive nature of the South Koreans–long dubbed the Italians of Asia. A hearty diet and two years of forced military duty, industry leaders and fans insist, have also made young South Korean men among the buffest in Asia. Most important, however, has been the South Korean entertainment industry’s perfection of the strong, silent type on screen–typically rich, kind men with coincidentally striking looks and a tendency to shower women with unconditional love.

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