“I want a Korean boyfriend” from D-addicts forum

This forum thread is amusing.

“I want a Korean boyfriend” from D-addicts forum

I’ve always thought that Korean males aren’t very desirable but it appears that I may be wrong.

Some excerpts from the thread:

I live in Korea and I happen to think the reason why Koreans are the most desired Asian males is simply because they tend to be the tallest well-known Asian. I’m not claiming that they are the tallest Asians, period; however, they ARE significantly taller than the majority of people I saw in Japan and Taiwan, and according to official statistics, they are a good deal taller than the average Vietnamese and Thai as well. Given the many different people in China, I’m sure that a few groups of them will be taller than Koreans, but the thing is that they are not well-known among Westernised Asian drama fans.

Korean men, unlike Japanese or South East Asian men (I think.. though admittedly, I don’t know much about South East Asia. Correct me if I’m wrong), also have to complete a mandatory military service lasting for over 2 years. During that time, their bodies achieve a level of fitness that is hard to find in any other Asian country I have visited and many stay fit well after their military service.

I actually met 2 German girls in Seoul who have completed half a year of Chinese language study in Beijing and have travelled extensively through China and Japan. They looked at me starry-eyed and said, “Korea is incredible. The country has Asian men with broad backs and shoulders!!”

I work as the assistant manager of a student housing apartment complex near a major university. We have A LOT of international students and quite a lot of them are Korean. I sit at my desk and get treated to eye candy all day long. I live on site and get a really good discount on my rent. Maybe I should get an I want a korean boyfriend t-shirt and start innocently wearing it at home but outside of work. See what happens? ^_^

It’s true that Korean males tend to have broad shoulders and jaws too. They also become muscular easily after a few weeks of weightlifting. Cool, I’m proud of my country but I’m still very much American inside. :-)


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  1. anon


    luckily cornell has a large korean interntl. student population. They’re tall, tactful and stylish. ^^

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