One of these days

Shit, today has to be one of the worst Mondays I ever had. Didn’t really have a good sleep last night after having napped for three hours on Sunday afternoon. Only God knows why I’d do that and that long. So I couldn’t go to sleep till night was starting to brighten up. Yeah, that late.

So, I was completely half-asleep all day long and I just did something awful. I can’t share it here but the best metaphor I can give is that it’s comparable to losing “janitor’s keys” to buildings on campus. You know, if you ever see a janitor, he’s carrying a ring full of keys on his pants. Never mind, a better example is the Chinese keymaker in the movie, The Matrix Reloaded, and he has all those keys with him. I didn’t mean to lose the keys, it was ill-advised but it was serious, nonethelessly. They’d have to change all the locks and make new keys. Sigh.

I tried to cheer myself up a bit by listening to songs on my mini ipod but its battery is completely fked up. I cannot even listen to more than one song despite having it charged fully–overnight. Looks like I’d have to buy a nano ipod. I still like my mini ipod and its aluminium enclosure. :-(

Great, now the expand comment isn’t even working, although I suspect it’s something to do with the embedded video on this page. I’m off to drink some beers….

One more post before I go to bed

Tonight just happened to be one of those nights where I just sat in my chair, slumped, and having a beer after a long week at work—on a Friday night. I didn’t feel like doing anything productive or even fun, just sitting and do nothing. I started surfing the net and ended up reading blogs—my blogs. I’ve been blogging for more than a year and the ones that I read with most interest is my personal writing on some thing or of myself. So that made me realize I want to write a bit often, something of value and substance, not just posting links or some meaningless fancy new gadgets that I’m always drooling at. Which reminds me to check out uncrate site after I’m done with this.

Great, like in less than 6 hours of sleep, I’d have to wake up, get ready, and go to Target store or Walmart to buy some camping stuffs since I don’t have a tent and get on the road to Paw Paw, West Virginia where Deaf Disc Golf National tournament is being held and obviously spend a night there. It should be fun. I’ll probably catch up with my precious sleep in the car. :-)

Have a good weekend!

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25 women I have dated (or yet) in my lifetime

Ha, saw this list from Alvin Woon. Thought I’d borrow the list.

1. the hippie
2. the Alabama girl
3. the funny one
4. the goddess of sex (well, I wouldn’t call her a goddess but she was a freak.)
5. the devoted kind
6. the teary angel
7. the confused bisexual
8. the honest and humble
9. the suicidal depressive (I hope I’ll never get to date such a girl.)
10. the hot but doesnt know she is hot type(or pretend to be) (yeah, she was sizzling hot but a rich spoiled bitch anyway.)
11. the heartbreaker (ha, I’ll never forget her. Invited me as her prom date and later that night, she went out with another guy and made out with him in some friend’s house while I slept in the backseat of a friend’s car. Yes, I was a pathetic big-time loser back then. Our friendship was royally damaged and never recovered. Made me wish I never had gone, not because of what happened but our friendship was lost.)
12. the novelist (she would even circle my grammar-prone in our letter exchanges.)
13. the Rachel Mcadams look alike (I don’t even know what a Rachel Mcadam is supposed to look like.)
14. the shy girl
15. the sweet one
16. the romantic
17. the rich bitch (and she was really a bitch.)
18. the drum-playing girl
19. the gothical tomboy (she was kinda the half of that, wore a pair of black Doc Martens boots all the time, neurotic and couldn’t run a mile.)
20. the disc-spinning VJ
21. the environmentalist
22. the geek girl. (we were same majors but man, it was boring.)
23. the innocent apple-faced type (boy, was she really innocent…)
24. the mommy girl> (well not really but she was very studious, carried a 4.0 gpa throughout college and would be only student I know and (dated) who received the highest award possible, the Outstanding Undergraduate Scholarship Award. Not to mention, she knew more beers than I did and the difference between ales and lagers. She was probably overmatched for me.
25. the next door girl

I have a new crush…Allison

I’m not much of a dancer myself but been trying to learn how to break dance. Lately, I’ve been watching this dance show, “So you think you can dance?” on the Fox channel. I found myself completely fascinated with this girl named Allison.

Just watch the video below and you’d understand.

And guess what? she got voted off! How many girls can dance both Jazz and hip-hop in the video above? Now I refuse to watch the next episode; no reason to watch. Girls with curly hair and great smile weaken my knees, seriously.

Hiatus and Merry-Go-Round

Haven’t blogged here in a while. Been incredibly busy with work. My place is a Merry-Go-Round now, with roommate changes. Andy Tao has bid his farewell to Washington DC after living there for five years. He came to DC to be with his girlfriend and to take up another Masters degree in Biology or Genetics. Broke up with his girlfriend but remained in DC for a few more years till he met another girl who’s a floridian. He got a job at FSDB as a Biology teacher and to live with his girlfriend. I wish him the best of luck. With him leaving, we’ve had three people stay at my place. One will move to California and another one to replace him. That’s what I mean, my place is a merry-go-round.

Next month, I’ll move in back with my uncle in Leesburg that is actually closer to where I work than from DC. That’ll help me save gas; I need that. Will be living there temporarily till I figure out where I want to go. It’d be great if I could relocate to Chicago to be closer to my parents, as I realize they are not going to live forever. :-/

This weekend, will go to Paw Paw in West Virginia to watch the deaf disc golf national tournament and to root for my friend, Kent, who’s asked me to be one of his groomsmen as he’ll get married next summer.

All in all, summer is simply going too fast.

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