25 women I have dated (or yet) in my lifetime

Ha, saw this list from Alvin Woon. Thought I’d borrow the list.

1. the hippie
2. the Alabama girl
3. the funny one
4. the goddess of sex (well, I wouldn’t call her a goddess but she was a freak.)
5. the devoted kind
6. the teary angel
7. the confused bisexual
8. the honest and humble
9. the suicidal depressive (I hope I’ll never get to date such a girl.)
10. the hot but doesnt know she is hot type(or pretend to be) (yeah, she was sizzling hot but a rich spoiled bitch anyway.)
11. the heartbreaker (ha, I’ll never forget her. Invited me as her prom date and later that night, she went out with another guy and made out with him in some friend’s house while I slept in the backseat of a friend’s car. Yes, I was a pathetic big-time loser back then. Our friendship was royally damaged and never recovered. Made me wish I never had gone, not because of what happened but our friendship was lost.)
12. the novelist (she would even circle my grammar-prone in our letter exchanges.)
13. the Rachel Mcadams look alike (I don’t even know what a Rachel Mcadam is supposed to look like.)
14. the shy girl
15. the sweet one
16. the romantic
17. the rich bitch (and she was really a bitch.)
18. the drum-playing girl
19. the gothical tomboy (she was kinda the half of that, wore a pair of black Doc Martens boots all the time, neurotic and couldn’t run a mile.)
20. the disc-spinning VJ
21. the environmentalist
22. the geek girl. (we were same majors but man, it was boring.)
23. the innocent apple-faced type (boy, was she really innocent…)
24. the mommy girl> (well not really but she was very studious, carried a 4.0 gpa throughout college and would be only student I know and (dated) who received the highest award possible, the Outstanding Undergraduate Scholarship Award. Not to mention, she knew more beers than I did and the difference between ales and lagers. She was probably overmatched for me.
25. the next door girl