Hiatus and Merry-Go-Round

Haven’t blogged here in a while. Been incredibly busy with work. My place is a Merry-Go-Round now, with roommate changes. Andy Tao has bid his farewell to Washington DC after living there for five years. He came to DC to be with his girlfriend and to take up another Masters degree in Biology or Genetics. Broke up with his girlfriend but remained in DC for a few more years till he met another girl who’s a floridian. He got a job at FSDB as a Biology teacher and to live with his girlfriend. I wish him the best of luck. With him leaving, we’ve had three people stay at my place. One will move to California and another one to replace him. That’s what I mean, my place is a merry-go-round.

Next month, I’ll move in back with my uncle in Leesburg that is actually closer to where I work than from DC. That’ll help me save gas; I need that. Will be living there temporarily till I figure out where I want to go. It’d be great if I could relocate to Chicago to be closer to my parents, as I realize they are not going to live forever. :-/

This weekend, will go to Paw Paw in West Virginia to watch the deaf disc golf national tournament and to root for my friend, Kent, who’s asked me to be one of his groomsmen as he’ll get married next summer.

All in all, summer is simply going too fast.