One of these days

Shit, today has to be one of the worst Mondays I ever had. Didn’t really have a good sleep last night after having napped for three hours on Sunday afternoon. Only God knows why I’d do that and that long. So I couldn’t go to sleep till night was starting to brighten up. Yeah, that late.

So, I was completely half-asleep all day long and I just did something awful. I can’t share it here but the best metaphor I can give is that it’s comparable to losing “janitor’s keys” to buildings on campus. You know, if you ever see a janitor, he’s carrying a ring full of keys on his pants. Never mind, a better example is the Chinese keymaker in the movie, The Matrix Reloaded, and he has all those keys with him. I didn’t mean to lose the keys, it was ill-advised but it was serious, nonethelessly. They’d have to change all the locks and make new keys. Sigh.

I tried to cheer myself up a bit by listening to songs on my mini ipod but its battery is completely fked up. I cannot even listen to more than one song despite having it charged fully–overnight. Looks like I’d have to buy a nano ipod. I still like my mini ipod and its aluminium enclosure. :-(

Great, now the expand comment isn’t even working, although I suspect it’s something to do with the embedded video on this page. I’m off to drink some beers….