new web hosting server

I just realized I only have two days left before I either renew my contract with my current web hosting server or change to a new server. Or this whole thing will be shut down and I lose everything on the server. I’ve broken the biggest rule in computing: always back up your data. Which I haven’t done so. Good thing I use Flickr as my image management. Since my current web server doesn’t allow shell access due to security reasons, I found this web hosting service that allows unix access at a good deal, $7.95 a month for two years.

I’m gonna go ahead and migrate over to the new server. I hope it’ll go smoothly without any hiccups. That’s if someone will notice. ;-)


I found this absolutely sweet deal, thanks to, he used the coupon, ’77OFF1YEAR’ to save $77 from $111.95 for one year ($9.95 a month) to only $3.95 a month. That sealed the deal for me. Hello Dreamhost.