Tags Cloud

I’ve been meaning to add this really cool plug-in called Tags Cloud and finally got around to it. What supposed to be about thirty minutes of getting this plug-in to be functional has turned into a 3 hours efforts. A big chunk of that time consumption was updating posts with tags instead of being in categories and I’ve still got about 300 posts that are still untagged. Ugh. But as you can see, it’s soo much better than categories and much more flexible. When I write a post, it can be a little hard deciding which category it should belong to and it also might overlap with other categories. Tags are much more clicking-friendly too, as shown in the sidebar. It’s similar to the delicious website.

You can pretty much tell what things I’m interested in and my identity, according to the “Tags Cloud”. Obviously, I identify myself as a Deaf person and Korean adoptee next. Ofc, I love cars and traveling. I had a nice time re-reading through those posts. It gives out same feeling when you’re looking thru your old pictures and go “oh hey, I remember this…”

I remember I had one good discussion with my friend, Jason. We discussed and realized that writing or blogging is really vital to us because by the time we grow older and closer to the end of our life, it’s gonna be all what we will have left and our memory not so sharp. Our pictures, papers we wrote, posts we typed, the “documentation” of our life. Sure, there will be people who would remember how or what we were like and pass on stories but it’s nothing like writing because we share our thoughts and feelings as we try to record what we went through life. That’s a major reason why I decided to blog at least everyday.