The ultimate resolution for 2007

Looks like I’m a little late to be making a resolution right now but better than never! So, ten days has passed into 2007. I had some thoughts of what resolutions I should make for 2007 before the final clicks of two thousand six. But I made an excuse that everyone else uses—that resolutions are almost always the same and they tend to fail. Why bother? However, I did manage to think of some resolutions in my mind like you’re having a silent prayer in your brain. My resolutions were to go to gym more consistently, read more books (seems like I spend all of my reading on the web), get into touch with my Korean family more, learn how to read/write Hangul, go outdoors more often like camping, hiking, fishing, snowboarding, design a few websites for my friends, hang out with friends more and save money. Well, these are pretty common resolutions, so I guess that’s why I made the excuse.

Till now.

I’ve decided I will have a resolution for 2007. It’s going to sound ultimate. I’m gonna blog at least once per day till Dec. 31st. Yes that’s right, everyday, 365, no, I missed ten days, so it’s 355. This is the first one. I’ve always enjoy writing and I’m like this guy who looks at other people’s blogs and say damn I wish I could write like that or my writing is never going to be as good as theirs. Well, so what? at least I can read/write and do my best to follow the grammar rules. Who gives a shit if that person could write like William Faulkner or William Shakespeare? those words are mine. They form my writing style. And to get better at anything, you have to practice. For my writing to get better, I gotta blog everyday. I really have no excuse not to blog; I have like five different ways to post, both on computer and off. I can post through my new blackberry, gmail, macbook, and desktop. I sorta have this theory that the more you blog, the more productive you’ll be. I’m not really sure why or how I make that conclusion but I just feel it has to be. We will find out next year. :-)

I remember last year or two years ago that someone vows to read one book per week, so that would be 54 books in one year. I thought that was a fascinating idea and a great way to keep the commitment so that’s probably where I got my inspiration for this blogging idea.

Tomorrow, I’m gonna write something about the law of attraction. It should be interesting.

Here’s 355 days to go.