Shrink Windows to 256 mb on a USB drive

I gotta do this guide and banish Windows from this hard drive forever. :-)

Windows in your pocket.

In case you’re wondering why I bother to use Windows, well, there’s still some programs I need to use that isn’t available on Linux, like Sorenson’s Envision videophone program, NexTalk program to place TTY calls, and while I’m not exactly used to the GIMP program, I’m still using Fireworks to design websites. I know there’s a vmware but it’s slower and anything less than its optimal speed is intolerable.

The best part is that it’s portable, so when I go to see my parents for christmas, I just plug in my USB and start up the “mini” windows and do stuffs without messing up my parents’ computer. So I wouldn’t have to hear my dad saying, “What did u do with my bookmarks!?”.