It’s this time of year, 2020. I don’t think I should talk about how many times the Earth has gotten around the Sun because like, it’s right there and it’s still moving around. Anyway, I get a chance to write this post again and talk about what’s on my mind and my feelings. Before I start writing this one, I took some time re-reading my old posts and it’s hard to believe that I was the one who wrote the posts. I didn’t think I was that capable, so I’m starting to think it could be something I can do more, because it can give me deep satisfaction that I feel like it has been lacking for me. I think this would be how hearing people hear their own songs and like them a lot. So, that’s something I want to be back on track and don’t be so careless about things because it could be one of the last things you can do and I have this bad habit that it may not be worth it but it does.

Lately, I’ve been doing a number of fitness stuffs because I’ve been gaining weight, which was something I wasn’t used to, because I was relatively thin for most of my life. Even the BMI tells me that I’m an overweight person now, so that’s something I want to work towards and be in a better shape because I do believe I am capable of doing that. So, with that said, things have been evolving, like how I am looking after my wife and my daughter. It seems like they have a special bond going on in between them and I’m spending most of my time working on this same laptop that I’m writing. And checking our bank balances to make sure things are in affairs and where does it make sense to buy a house or do we feel like wanting to go somewhere different and experience what’s out there? We could become a power member of AirBnb and experience different things. But I’m always watching them and make sure they’re okay. :)

Well, it can be said that the year of 2019 did go really fast and I’m grateful for what I have.

There’s something on my mind that I really want to accomplish soon. So, stay tuned!