My blog has turned into another year for 11th time. So am I, into 35 years old. Recently, Asian countries celebrated Lunar New Year this early month and it’s the monkey’s turn too. Know what’s next? Rooster? which is my animal sign!

Yuka and I recently celebrated our first year, getting married on Sept. 20th, 2014. Most of the time, we spent either working or traveling to somewhere new, like the one we went to Chico, CA where it’s home to my favorite beer, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. That was fun and sampled lots of beers and got pretty drunk in the process. Then, we stayed at a campground nearby, in our tent, costing $20.

We had like four friends’ weddings and went to each. I had a chance to re-visit Washington, DC where I spent 3 years working there and got my start with Google as a datacenter technician. So, that was fun to go back and it’s definitely more populated this time than the last time I was there. I had fond memories with DC, home to Gallaudet University.

I also spent time playing golf and disc golf. It’s a good exercise and it’s something that you can’t rush your game like playing football or basketball. I do some running to stay in shape, which is surprisingly effective. You don’t have to be the fastest man on Earth but just give yourself a chance to work your body through running. That’s pretty much all you need. I do pushups too and occasionally go to gym couple times a week. I think that’s how I will spend my life, doing fitness things.

Well, I feel like 2015 really went by fast and this time, I have someone I spend my time with, which has been profound. It’s like my memories became more significant because there’s someone in it. I’ve also been reading books on my Kindle, and this year was a productive year on reading books. I’ve read more than 15 books and read all of Murakami’s books, which I should do a review of. I find a lot of things in common with Murakami, which makes me feel thankful and normal in an odd way. I shall share these feelings one day.

Also, this year, I feel like I know more about myself. I’m not sure why but I feel like I know what I’m doing and what I have to do. It’s been mind-stimulating as if you are playing a chess against a good opponent. So, what I’ve done this year is doing what I can do, stay in shape, and keep reading books and have some conversations with different people I know. I should make new friends too.

Here’s to 2016, the year of the monkey. :)

We managed to hike up three mountains in 2015. My goal is to climb at least one mountain per year. This was one of them—Mt. Sakurajima 桜島