Tip of the night

I opened my black leather wallet and saw that I had one twenty dollar bill. Andrew Jackson’s big face. This guy had nice wavy hair, I’d say. Then, I got the bill out of my wallet and into my left pocket inside my pants. Why? Because I was going to do something I’ve never done in my life and I needed the twenty dollar bill.

Where I was at, I was being at my friend’s wedding, having a chill time, especially after having consumed enough alcohol to put myself in a festive mood, and my cheeks were starting to glow red. Asian flush, you know. The open bar was quickly drawing to an end. It’s time for me to walk to the front and ask for another drink. Actually, multiple drinks. A young bartender saw me again and politely asked what I’d like this time. I said I’d like six glasses of Chardonnay wine and fill them high enough that the whole bottle would be emptied. The bartender shook his head, “Sorry, can’t do that, sir. One or two drinks per order, please.” I smiled and started reaching into my left pocket to fetch the twenty dollar bill. It was as if Andrew Jackson was waiting for me from there. I showed the bill to the bartender and said “See this twenty dolllar bill? I’m going to drop this into that glass bowl.” The glass bowl was right between him and I. It wasn’t even half full. You could see the young bartender’s eyes starting to widen. There was some pause, like he needed some time to consider things. Really, he didn’t need to. Finally, he said “Sure, it’s an open bar after all, almost time for the last round.” and proceed to pop the Chardonnay bottle. He did what I asked, pouring into six glasses and the wine bottle started to empty out, then spilled out for good. I dropped the twenty dollar bill into the glass bowl. From what I can see within that glass bowl, it had to be the biggest tip of the night. Because I can only see one Andrew Jackson in there. I called my wife and friends, telling them to get their drinks. They came, then I took a big sip, no doubts the biggest sip out of us six people. When I finished my sip, I glanced around the banquet and saw the bartender standing there on my right. He was still looking at me as if he had something to say, maybe like “hope you’re having a great time.”  But he didn’t say anything and finally looked away.  “Good bartender” I thought. I grinned and walked away.  He got his tip. I got my drink.

That’s how it works, right?