On Dating

Found this gem online; thought I’d share here.


1. When you get in your car and turn on your ignition switch, you expect your car to start. You don’t just sit there and think about whether it will start or not. You just do it and expect your car to successfully start. Well you must use this same mentality when approaching, meeting, and attracting women. You must expect success and expect good results when pursuing single women. Practice this “expecting success” mentality and you will achieve amazing results in your love life.

2. When you have a vacation, I’m willing to bet that you plan it out in exact detail – where you are going, how to get there, where to stay, places to visit, etc. Well, you must do the same thing with your love life. You must plan your success with women. Create a detailed game plan and take action! It’s really sad, but a lot of guys put more effort in planning their vacation than planning on how to be more successful with single women. After you have developed your plan to turn your love life around, you must put it into action and never look back! Don’t let anyone or anything stop you! Keep plugging away until you’ve met that special lady you’ve been dreaming about…

Way back when you had no preconceived notions of who you had to be, or that other people’s opinion of you mattered, you tried things. If you were good, you did well, and you kept doing it and got better. You took a chance, got rewarded, and felt the confidence that comes with success. Even after small failures. If you failed, or didn’t do well, chances are that the failures didn’t bother you as much when you were younger. So, you were also likely to persevere long enough to get good so that you built that confidence anyway. If you didn’t persevere, you dropped that skill and got no confidence.

This is typically what happens to most men with women. Without knowing the basic rules of engagement (military engagement, notmarriage engagement), they stumbled into the arena of women and fell flat on their face. Some persisted, others didn’t. The ones that did would figure some things out, but not always understand why certain things worked. That’s the problem with early successes is that you never get the analytical understanding of WHY things worked. The ones that didn’t persist fell into a gloomy pit of despair, often taking the first woman they could find, and very often marrying her.

Make your move with confidence. Don’t fumble with her underwear; that’s for adolescents. Just ask if she prefers a bath or a shower.

Be very selective. Pick someone you think is way out of your league and raise your game.