Congrats to the Chicago Blackhawks for winning Stanley Cup!

Yesterday, I made sure I didn’t want to miss this game as I had a feeling that Chicago Blackhawks was going to dominate the game and they didn’t want to let it slip from them. Sure enough, they won it in an overtime. Since I’m over here in Korea, the game started at 9:00 am here and there was no live video stream to be found so I kept checking updates on the www like GameCenter on ESPN and Twitter updates. Once Chicago Blackhawks won the game in the overtime, Patrick Kane was the one who scored the game-winning goal, so naturally, I was curious to see how he scored. Gamecenter said a 30 feet wrist shot from left winger Kane. I thought to myself that it must have been an impressive wrist shot from him and he does have a fast wrist shot. Someone was nice enough to post a clipped video onto YouTube. I looked at the video several times. First all, it was a hell of a shot from Kane to shoot the puck into the net from an almost 180 degree angle and the Flyers goalie thought he had the angle covered but it went past him and caught the long side post. Game was all but over. However, if you looked at the video, the rather most important play wasn’t the Patrick Kane’s sneaky wrist shot but the defenseman, Brian Campell nbr 51, who skated to the board to prevent the puck from going out of the zone and past the blue line and he then passed to Patrick Kane who did all the moves on the poor Flyers player and scored. Patrick also was the one who initially brought the puck into the Flyers zone and initiated the whole play that allowed Chicago Blackhawks to end 49 years drought since their last Stanley Cup.


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