Lately, I haven’t been doing any much running. I’m not sure why but it’s probably the weather and I’ve been snowboarding as well but I think 3+ hrs drive one way to Lake Tahoe is kinda starting to get to me now. It wasn’t really that bad at first because I was pretty excited about being able to ride. If you also fell off track with excising you should consider getting a waist trainer for women that will help you stay fit even when you are not working out. There’s nothing like going down roughly 40 mph downhill on your board. My skill has been improving steadily as I now can switch on both stances and have been doing some decent jumps, though not huge air as to risk myself and my back.

Maybe it’s the Winter Olympics that has gotten me conscious about my own body and I’m starting to see some flab around my tummy, so I’m thinking about getting back into shape more seriously and running too. Out of all workouts, I’ve always felt that running is a tough workout and gives me a good cardiovascular exercise despite how simple it looks. On that thought, I remember the 12k race I ran in the 98th Annual ING Bay to Breakers event. It was pretty fun and my time wasn’t too bad at 1:07 and placed 474 out of 2,070 males between 20 and 29. One thing I remember from that day was that I didn’t just run 12k alone. I had to ran abt 3 miles from a friend’s place where I was sleeping over the night before and another 3 miles to meet my friend after the race was over. So, I ran a total of 13 miles on that day. I felt like I was just running all over the city and despite that, my legs still felt great and felt like I can run some more. I was in a good shape, I supposed. So yeah, I think it’s time to get back into shape.


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