Metaphysics of Quality

I’m not sure how eloquent or articulate this will be, as I attempt to explain this thought I have in my mind. For some time, I’ve been thinking why we’re here and how we come into existence but that’s a kinda too far-fetched question as no one knows for sure and there is an ever battle between religions on this question.

The more important question we should be asking ourselves is that since we’re already here, the question is what are we doing with ourselves and time? I’ve been thinking about that as I drove alone for 7 hrs one way to Los Angeles and San Diego. Well, I think I’m closer to the truth than I ever have been in my whole life. I’d like to throw in an excerpt from Wikipedia.

“Quality,” or “value,” as described by Pirsig, cannot be defined because it empirically precedes any intellectual constructions. It is the “knife-edge” of experience, known to all. “What distinguishes good and bad writing? Do we need to ask this question of Lysias or anyone else who ever did write anything?” (Plato’s Phaedrus, 258d). Likening it with the Tao, Pirsig believes that Quality is the fundamental force in the universe stimulating everything from atoms to animals to evolve and incorporate ever greater levels of Quality. According to the MOQ, everything (including the mind, ideas, and matter) is a product and a result of Quality.

Since we’re humans of reason, capable of using languages to communicate and numbers for math, I believe that we’re all on path of Quality which supposedly gives meaning to our life. Value is to be found in the Quality. It’s been said that we can detect one person’s value in a matter of seconds whereas by their appearances, websites, writing, skills, etc. We don’t really have to say anything; we only have to show our ‘Quality’. If our Quality is not good enough, then we’d have to study and try to improve ourselves. It’s no surprise that doctors and lawyers are regarded highly because they really have to spend a lot of time in school and studying.

It’s Quality that both sexes use to gauge one another. You can call it an evolution if you want. We can easily measure one’s value. It’s probably true that women place more value on intelligence, education, and sense of well-being while men tend to value on beauty more. For that, women try to show their value by putting on a dress, makeup, etc to look presentable while men don’t really have to do much except for being successful in career and able to take care of himself. Women can sniff men’s Quality and if it’s not up to their standards, they’re not gonna waste their time trying to attract the guy. I’d have no chance if I was up against Brad Pitt or Tiger Woods because he has a much more Quality than I do. So, what to do with guys like myself? There is a turnaround to this. The word is self-confidence that I am confident in being who I am and know that there is no one else like me. So, if girls wanted more ‘Quality’, let them go. There are other girls who will dig my Quality and together, we’ll have a meaning in life along with our common goals and exclusivity that will only exist within us, not even with Brad Pitt.

This is not all about dating as Quality can be found in anywhere including purchases (car, house, food, etc) and we try our best in whatever we do such as work, sports, hobbies, etc. If we’re happy with our Quality, then towards the end of our life, we can look back and appreciate our life and eventually rest in peace.