Keyboard balance

Hi again, (to whatever ghost I may be talking to but it might as well as have been you.)

Your keyboard is sadly imbalanced. Imagine that your chair’s legs are badly misaligned, that one side is higher than the other side. Your keyboard is like that. Other than the alphabets keys you’ve been pouncing on to do things on your keyboard like emails, browser URLs, coding, etc, the most frequent keys are your backspace key and enter key. Much to this misfortune, both of them are on the right side of your keyboard, giving imbalance on your hands just like that misaligned chair.

I’ve remapped my mac keyboard to use caps-lock as a delete key, giving me a balance on both sides of this keyboard and making a good use of both my pinkies. They equally need much love.

I just downloaded this keyremap4macbook. For Mac users on Leopard, you’ll need to set the caps-lock key to do nothing from the modifier keys in your control panel first. Then you can download the package, and after it’s installed, put a check on ‘change caps lock’ to delete. Your keyboard will be now balanced and you will get much joy in both your hands.

Happy typing.