I’m trying to blog a little more after a while. Much to my amazement, a person named Ehren Cheung made a mention of my blog.

I’ve always enjoyed aspects of writing but I know I don’t claim same level of penmanship like Shakespeare or Faulkner, more like Ernest Hemingway, so I guess it’s fortunate that we have blogs where simple, clear and concise writing is only needed, If you’re new to blogging or just starting a blog, check out the Bloggeroid site.

I’ll end this post with a link to what makes for a good blog.

1. Good blogs have a voice. Who wrote this? What is their name? What can I figure out about who they are that they have never overtly told me? What’s their personality like and what do they have to contribute — even when it’s “just” curation. What tics and foibles fascinate make me about this blog and the person who makes it? Most importantly: what obsesses this person?

Gives me something to think what I want to make of my blog.