Visual Learners


Making up about 65% of the population, visual learners absorb and recall information best by seeing. Some of their primary characteristics include:

-Love books, magazines, and other reading materials
-Relate best to written information, notes, diagrams, maps, graphs, flashcards, highlighters, charts, pictures computers.
-Like to have pen and paper handy
-Enjoy learning through visually appealing materials
-Feel frustrated and restless when unable to take notes.
-May have exceptional “photographic memories”
-Can remember where information was located on a page
-Need a quiet place to study
-Benefit from recopying or making their own notes, even from printed information
-Have trouble following long lectures
-Tend to be good at spelling
-Benefit from field trips where observation skills can be used
-Tend to be detail oriented
-Are usually organized and tidy
-Often ask for verbal instructions to be repeated
-Benefit from previewing reading material.
-Skilled at making graphs, charts or other visual displays
-Write down directions or draw a map
-Need to see the instructor’s facial expressions and body language
-Concentrate better with clear line of sight to blackboard or visual aids
-Remember how people looked and dressed in the past
-Prefer written instructions to oral ones.
-Don’t remember names easily.

Wow, describes me 100%! Cool.