20K Pirate Cove trail run

20K Pirate Cove trail race results

So, race results are in. I placed 137th out of 157, with the time of 2 hours and 50 mins, not exactly very good. I got leg cramps at the 9th mile, so I pretty much walked for the last 3 miles till a few hundred yards away, I ran to the finish line. I tried to run again but cramps would come up and I didn’t want to get stuck and yell for help. It was a reality hit…that I didn’t train well enough and didn’t drink enough water. Well, I got some bad stomach ache a few days before so I didn’t really eat well nor drink enough. Big mistake. Since I’m signed up to run in the 200 miles relay run that’s on April 19/20th. I gotta be committed and train properly. I’ll try to find another 20k race before that, to ensure I’m in shape and without any cramps.

Big props to my Google friend, Steven Tjiang, who told me about this race event. He ran 50k and like me, fought cramps to cross the finish line at the time of 8 hours and 11 mins. He’s 48 years old. We pretty much went through the same thing, ha.

Heh, I told my friends that I only have one goal. That’s to show up in the race and cross the finish line. I won’t be the first or the last (although very close to that). I drove my Element close to the site and camped out the night before so I can get ready ’cause I’m really bad at getting out of bed early. All in all, it was all good times, cramps or not. :-)


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  1. I forgot, did you manage to finish a marathon yet? Cramps again! Same mistake as you did back in 2002 (or 2001). Drink plenty of water!

  2. natech

    Nope, haven’t finished a marathon. Ha yes, cramps again. Grr. Oh I met Marlon Wynne in Austin. He recently ran his first marathon in 3 hrs and 15 mins. He almost qualified for the Boston marathon. Damn. A natural runner, same as Jess. We’re talking about running in a same marathon.

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