Kertong’s post on ‘SF snobs’

I Left My Heart in San Francisco’s SmugCloud – by Kertong.

Having been to San Francisco a few times, wow, anyone would love to live there but one thing about the city. They have people that are known as ‘SF snobs’ who possess this air of superiority and think that their shit doesn’t smell as bad as yours. And that’s very true. I’ll admit—I did think about how great would it be to live in SF but like Kertong said, you’d pay more rent for a smallish space, crowded parking space and deal with city traffic the minute you insert the key in. Reading his post made me realize how fortunate I am now. I live in a nice apartment that’s not too high in rent, get to work under a half hour and ofc, Fry’s store is only a few miles from here. I’d much rather to invest the extra $$$ into traveling and getting out on adventures. :-)