The Cult of Vi

The Cult of Vi

I'm starting to learn Vi editor more seriously now and I'm becoming really fascinated now, especially after I installed Vimperator. I’m trying to navigate through the web freely without a mouse. I’m slowly getting there, need to learn how to use mappings and some modifications here and there, then I should be pretty solid. :-)

Watching a vi guru doing some heavy editing on a file, as her fingers fly over the keys and textual transformations sweep across the screen, one could believe that one is in the presence of supernatural powers. “Awesome”, the audience murmur to themselves. Maybe.

Ha, I wanna be like that, a Vi pro. :-)

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  1. kal

    emacs is way more cool

  2. Haha, trying to start yet another flame war here?

    Yah, emacs is cool like screen movement but I don’t like the shortcuts. Vi. :-) Back then, they didn’t have nice OSX windows like tabs. I use a mixture of tabbed windows (iterm) and ANSI screen manager so I can re-attach anytime and anywhere. Being a geek is the best. :-)

  3. I am so ungeek. I have been using Notepadd++ on Whinedows Visduh.

  4. Jared Evans

    I’ve been using the VI editor for many years now. It’s convenient because it comes on all unix systems and you can download it for Windows. Trust me, when you start to learn keys for command/edit modes, you’ll be able to rapidly edit on the fly!

    I’ve tried to break into the powerful world EMACS several times but the learning curve is very high and I just can’t remember all those keyboard shortcuts. In fact, I defaulted to the vi mode inside EMACS ha! (EMACS calls it ‘vile’ mode, by the way :-) EMACS is much more than just an editor- I would consider it a complete system based upon lisp.

    VI is a very powerful weapon in a programmer’s arsenal and learning it well will pay off in huge dividends when you are busy programming.

  5. natech

    Bill, haha ‘Whinedows Visduh’ I actually like Windows. Well, I just use them all. Windows, Mac, and Linux. Mac because of the ‘coolness’ factor, mostly.

    Jared, ha yeah I’m starting to edit pretty fast now. I need to maximize the use of mappings, and make some custom shortcuts in my .vimrc. Ha that’s a good idea about using Vi inside Emacs. Should try that.

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