Captioned videos on Google Video

Thought I’d spread the word out.

Displays 100 highest relevant videos with captions.

Here’s for a starter on Steven Pinker who is a linguist/professor at MIT. He supports that ASL is a language since humans have an innate ability to communicate, thus a language. :-)

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  1. clyde

    where does he state this ? actually when does he in this video

    its 1 hour, and I m curious the questions leading up to his statement.. I dont have time to sit through a 60 minute video to find out it was a 3 second blurb

    let us know thanks!

  2. I did a couple using Google CC – I like the On/Off capability. Plus Overstream exports to .srt, and Google Video imports it, and you have the option of saving the videos.

    Game Plan
    Bee Movie

    In the smaller version of the embedded player the text is really small though.

    That’s probably how I’ll do a couple of ZZ Top videos for ALAN, so he can save the video.

  3. Darn, the subtitles don’t export, I am not sure how to “re-attached” them for playback!

    Can you talk to someone about that on your 20% time? :)

  4. natech

    Clyde, he didn’t say in that video. He mentioned ASL in his book, Language Instinct. He states that it doesn’t matter where you’re from or what you are, humans find ways to communicate because we’re capable of having thoughts.

    Bill, yeah, that’s one nice thing about Google Video is the on/off capability. Ok, I’ll ask someone on the team about that. Thanks.

  5. No Caption!

    I can see caption for partial of video. It does not work entire video. First 11:53 of the video has fragments of the caption. What about the rest of it?

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