Twenty-seven years old

I turn 27 years old today.

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Like I said last year, I’m gonna write a post on my birthdays, it feels like giving a gift to myself because the ability to write is a gift itself. So, I have 3 years left to 30. Wow. Time’s flying by. A lot has happened since my last birthday. I moved coast to coast, from DC to California. Ha I don’t have a Subaru WRX anymore, now Honda Element where she and I shall go far. I’ve already slept overnight in it at Lake Tahoe; that was cool and fun. Gonna do more of that soon.

One big thing I’ve accomplished is that I have managed to maximize my 401k. That is $15,500 a year and company matching half of that so I am saving $23,250 a year plus interests and most importantly, zero debt. Well, I suppose that is another achievement too. Doubt I will become a homeowner because costs around here are ridiculously high and I’m constantly amazed at how people continue to find ways to buy houses at like 500k or higher. That’d be paying a loan forever. People who are in debt, get advice from experts by visiting

Renting Makes More Financial Sense Than Homeownership

“What about the pride of home ownership?”

It’s not for me. I define ownership as no longer having to pay for something and being able to do as I please with it. I own my coffee maker. House owners must pay taxes each year even when their mortgage payments are done. In certain markets they can’t even make changes to the houses they’ve paid for without seeking the approval of others and hiring hvac maintenance chattanooga tn to maintain it. Personally, I feel the pride of ownership for shares of businesses, and I’m proud to occupy a nice place while leaving the burden of poor returns and maintenance to someone else.

Unless I move to a state where a house can be bought 200k or under, I might reconsider. For now, nope. I am happy with where I am now, all of my basic needs are met and I’m having a time of my life. I’m gonna explore life, make friends and help others. I know I’ll be comfortable later in my life, with a house or not. Just a roof over my head is good enough. I share a nice well-maintained apartment with a great roommate who is Japanese and is fluent in four languages. Ofc, ASL is one of them. We met through Craigslist and turned out that we have some mutual friends. How small world.

This year, I’m gonna do a lot of activities. I plan to become a member at a golf course, play in tournaments and see where I stand at. I’m gonna do more of running, rockclimbing, snowboarding, traveling, learn how to surf, camping, hiking, working out, dancing, basketball, take more pictures, building websites/apps, watch more movies, and writing.

Tonight, I will have a bday party at Dave n Busters and it’s gonna be a lot of fun. :-) See you all there!

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  1. Martin

    Hi, I turn 57 today. And I translate from English, French, German into Dutch.
    Have a nice birthday.


  2. Hey man, just look at the subjects in your post to know you are getting old:

    “I don’t have a Subaru WRX anymore, now Honda Element”
    “maximize my 401k.”
    “member at a golf course”

    What’s it gonna be like when you turn 30?

    “Got my Lazy-boy chair”
    “Traded my Element for a Buick LeSabre”
    “Put my retirement funds in a more conservative account”

    Have fun while your still young!
    Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy birthday to you. I’m inspired and impressed with your view of the world. It’s very wise and yet very spirited. You seem to have a good balance and a good head on your shoulders. My this year be a good one for you!

    ~ LaRonda

  4. Happy Birthday Nathan! I’m amazed that you’ve maximized your 401k contributions. More people need to take advantage of this in their younger years. Keep it up…hopefully you come back to the Midwest and settle in a nice comfy 200k home. :-)

  5. kimmisan

    haha :o) i like bill’s response. we’re too old to do the “yay! i got trashed and i love titties!” celebrations ne more. ^_^ now it’s- “man i saved so much money and invested like a responsible old person.” :o)

    happy birthday dearest :o) you met me this year too! hehe just in time!
    next time i swear i will have a full sentence down besides nice to meet you and spelling.

    hope your bday is a blast!!!

  6. natech

    Bill, haha! you’re funny, heh yeah I guess that’s a sign of getting old. Funny how time can change. :-)

    LaRonda, thanks for your words and wishes.

    Sonny, yeah I’m even amazed at myself. I thought I’d never do it but somehow, I found a way. Just need to watch my spending a bit more carefully. ;-) Yeah, I might move back to the Midwest. Who knows?

    Kimmisan, thanks! next time we meet, be prepared to converse in Hangul. ;-)

  7. natech

    Martin, happy birthday to you too!

  8. Thanks, Kal. I’ve read that before. Thought about starting up a business but it’s a tough task. I’m quite happy with my job at Google.

  9. Heather

    Hi, Looks like you are having a rather exciting time in your life….. I am proud of you! I turned 27 today..I have 2 kids… Great husband…I still feel really old…My question is..I love to party… No drugs…but I live in a very conservative city with this economy, Im stuck for at least 3 years.. In your mind, What is acceptable for a party girl who loves her children more than life?

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