There are many good writers out there but one of the best writers I’ve come to know is my friend, Megan Malzkuhn. You can visit her blog at

She’s trying to start a new organization body for those who are fresh out of high school and realize that life after high school isn’t exactly very pleasant or glamorous.

Join Deaf Youth USA if you’re still reading this and agreeing with what I have been saying. Deaf Youth USA (DYUSA) is a new concept, borrowed from our European friends. Last summer, I went on a backpacking trip with my sister and roommate, just three of us, for a month before joining up forces with other friends in Barcelona, Spain. Our destination: the World Congress of World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) in Madrid, Spain. Why? My sister was selected as a representative for National Association of the Deaf (NAD), acting as a delegate and spokesperson for USA in a huge international conference. Soon enough, my sister was voted in as the secretary for the youth board of WFD. Her mad English skillz helped. Anyway, once I was there, I met plenty of young people like me, whether they spoke/wrote in a different language, we could understand each other pretty well. With liberal amounts of sangria, beer, firewater, and campy atmosphere, I found myself analzying what was really wrong with America. We have it all, the laws and rights that allow us to get school, jobs, and live normally as we could. But, one thing was missing: a collective body of young deaf adults. There used to be College NAD (CNAD) but it fell one too many times. Duh. College kids all care about their grades, partying lessons, and nearest cash machine. Organizing a strong body of young deaf adults is a bit too much for them. Instead of relying on others for manpower and motivation, we have to look inside ourselves and decide whether we are capable of greater things.

Go join the organization.