Can anyone transcribe this video for me?

I’d be much grateful if anyone can transcribe this for me. Thanks! Oh, I’ll send you a free Google t-shirt. :-)

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  1. Sure – I take requests! I’ll see if I can get to it yet this weekend.

  2. I have the first 3 of 5 minutes done.

    Let me know if you are still interested in the rest. I think the content is not much – just a reporter interviewing a random Obama supporter.

  3. Thanks Bill! Lemme know if you would like a Google t-shirt.

  4. I really would – I am addicted to google services – search,mail, reader,videos.

    I don’t require it though – I would do this for free.

  5. kimmy

    lol~ i was going to say that i would transcribe it for you.. but i think bill beat me to it. how about google underwear? :D i used to transcribe at the court. lol. are you an obamaman? :)

  6. Bill, wow, you have a big heart. There’s not many people like you. I’ll spread the word about your website. :-)

    Kimmy, haha, I didn’t know you do transcribing. You know, you could make a lot of money by working as a captionist. You and your tiny hands would do wonders!! Ofc, I’m an Obamaman! :-)

  7. Nice! I didn’t know about, that website’s a gold mine for me! Too bad the majority of the video media on the ‘net isn’t transcribed. Thanks for the tip off, Bill!

  8. Finished.

    Don, you can always request what you want to see, from me, or from ProjectReadon. Not everything on the Net is worth reading ;)

    I have got 62 videos and counting!

  9. Cool, I’ll definitely keep you in mind! :-)

  10. natech

    Cool, Bill. Thanks!

    Are you getting anything for your efforts on captioning those videos?

  11. I get the fun of watching the “deafread effect”, I get the thanks of grateful viewers, I get to watch my pageviews go up….(apparently the key is to mention Marlee Matlin – the thirty second captioned ad has 1024 views, and an interview about her and her book has 2900 on overstream).

    No monetary compensation, if that’s what you mean. It’s just a substitute for the online game playing I used to do. Instead of playing dicewars, I put my laptop on my lap, put my headphones on one ear, and caption away, while the rest of the family watches tv.

    It seems to be appreciated, judging by comments and pageviews – that makes it fun to keep up.

  12. Nathan, perhaps now Bill has captioned the video, perhaps you should edit your post and replace the current video with the captioned one?

  13. Ok cool, Bill. I’ll send you a free t-shirt, so will email you for the address.

    Don, yeah, I would except they don’t have the embedded video code. Maybe there will be one in the future?

  14. The embed code is below the video

  15. Thanks Bill, somehow didn’t see that. The site is down right now.

  16. Yup – They had to move to a dedicated server – things are going well for Max – 7000 registered users

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