Lately, I’ve been thinking about how things are and why they come like that in life. One example of that is our thoughts. Where do our thoughts come from? Sure, it’s in the brain but exactly how they are manufactured? I’ve read that we are capable of having approx. 50,000 thoughts a day. 50,000 thoughts a day! That explains why it’s important for people to communicate, otherwise, our thoughts will go on a rampage, wondering what our friends, families are up to. I now understand why my parents keep worrying about me.

Let me share thoughts that I’m thinking right now in the next 10 seconds.

I need to do my weekly snippets
why am I even typing this post on thoughts!
I wanna buy that honda element
Super Bowl this weekend!
Disneyland next week! (Google trip)
I need to drink more water and exercise.
I need to take a break from being on computers almost 24/7
what will we be like in 5 years, 10 years?
what is my purpose on this earth?

I probably could keep doing that till I get to the 100th thought. Probably won’t be too interesting, I’m afraid.

Since I can’t record my voice on a tape, this blogging is like a recorder of my thoughts, trying to decipher what I’m thinking, learning, and writing allows me to break down information that I’m getting through my eyes. Letter by letter. Bytes by bytes. (8 bits equals one character, btw). When I’m reading something, somehow, I feel fortunate enough to be able to understand it. I’ve never thought that I would be reading a person’s post and then I found out that he graduated from Harvard University or MIT. I thought those guys were too good for me and that I wouldn’t able to understand any of it. But I do, although maybe not to the full depth but I can get the sense of what point they’re trying to make and the application of it. Granted, my writing won’t become as eloquent or pretty as theirs but it’s good enough to express some of my 50,000 thoughts a day.