7 Ideas to Make Blogging Your Creative Habit

By Valeria Maltoni

Good stuff!

Forget your “but’s”, “maybe’s”, and all the other defeatist thoughts — it doesn’t take extraordinary talent to be creative. It takes discipline. Set daily routines for yourself, and transform what you thought was just a stroke of genius, the spark of a rare moment into a habit — your creative habit.
It takes work, and it takes commitment. When you decide to blog for money it takes healthier doses of both — do a reality check with Darren Rowse and ProBlogger. The good news is that it is possible for you, too. If you are willing to loosen up a little.
To be creative, you need to know how to prepare to be creative. It’s about much more than quality of presentation, it’s about being able to bridge between what you see in your mind and what you present to the world — skill is how you build that bridge. And you build your skill with practice.


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  1. Thank you so much for the link, Nathan. I do not know sign language, unless being Italian and talking with your hands counts :D A very good friend of mine made it a priority to learn it so she could it teach it. For many years I worked with children who had various degrees of disabilities (we called them brain-injured to refer to the cause of their condition) and have learned to appreciate genius on whatever container it comes in.

    Keep up the good work. Four years in blogging is remarkable!

  2. Hi Valeria! It’s really you, huh?

    You really nailed every point in your article, thanks. Ha, funny abt being Italian and talking with your hands. That’s cool abt your friend wanting to learn how to sign. Yeah, I do believe that everyone has something to show in their own way.

    With articles like yours, I’ll keep on blogging!

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