MSU plans sign-language dorm

This confirms it. I’m convinced that American Sign Language is the fastest growing language in the nation right now.

via The Detroit News

Starting this fall, Michigan State University students can live in a dorm where American Sign Language will be the primary mode of communication, university leaders announced Thursday.
MSU’s ASL Living/Learning community will be housed at Snyder-Phillips Hall and will be one of the most innovative programs in the nation, officials say.

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  1. I’m thrilled to hear that it’s growing!

  2. observer

    *cough, cough* ASL is great for hearing babies and college students, but not for deaf babies and children? Oh, yeah. That makes a whole lot of sense.
    AGB/AVT advocates, explain that.

  3. Curious

    Under which source do you find that ASL is the fast growing language in nation?

  4. JMA

    I am glad that Michigan State University allows to have sign-language dorm so it will be easier on deaf students. Wow cool! Our dream is there will be more accessible for us, deaf people. Praise the Lord!

  5. How amazing, I practically grew up on that campus, so it’s good to see that they will have a dorm with the primary language being ASL. (And by growing up, I mean childhood.)

    Now it makes me want to go back to Michigan and complete my degree there.

  6. natech

    Curious, I saw that somewhere in the article. I think it’s probably true but will need to find the facts to support it.

    Rini, sounds like a perfect time to go back to the campus and get your degree. :-)

  7. lyceum

    Good for MSU, but Brigham Young University had an ASL student residence for several years until it was discontinued in the early 2000s. Students who lived in the language house were required to sign at all times while living in the residence. See and substitute “Spanish” or “Russian” for “ASL” and you’ll get the idea. Deaf students would go over to the FLH for social events and tutoring all the time. Sad that they’re not doing it right now.

  8. Sounds excellent. I doubt it’s the fast growing, as checks on Google indicate it’s Spanish.

    Just go to that link, and you’ll see it’s primarily Spanish.

    A check on Google trends will also show a higher trend basis on the part of Spanish over that ASL:

    Regardless, I still think that’s excellent news for the deaf community. ASL interpreters are still extremely high in demand, so this will be a boon.

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