My weekend trip to South Lake Tahoe

I just got back from a weekend trip in South Lake Tahoe where I snowboarded at the Sierra resort. Two days worth of snowboarding!

On this map, I drove to Fremont Bart station in Fremont, then took the BART to Embarcadero station to meet a friend there. Then, we drove in his dad’s Volvo S40 station wagon over the Richmond bridge, which means I’ve gotten on all five bridges around the Bay Area—the Golden Gate, the Oakland Bay, the San Mateo-Hayward, and the Dumbarton bridge. Cool! Then, through Sacramento on I-80, then US-50 to South Lake Tahoe.

Wow, Lake Tahoe is a huge lake! Definitely lots of area to be explored around there.

Big thanks to my friend, Mike, for driving us.