Obama visits Iowa School for the Deaf!

Crowd turns out for late Obama rally

“Hope” and “Change” is how Democrat Barack Obama described his path to the White House, and he urged the estimated 1,050 people who saw him Tuesday night at Iowa School for the Deaf to join him and bring a friend to Thursday’s caucuses.

It’s important to do so, he added.

“We are in a defining moment in our history,” Obama said.

He has my vote and my endorsement. :-)

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  1. That is so cool! He certainly has mine too–well, more of a sure thing than before. He already had my vote, but now this pretty much cements it.


    Awsome impress me that obama visit iowa school for the deaf and i am big surprise and i hope he will support for the deaf everywhere for ada laws being strongest in future our deaf needs and more serivce for jobs do better than lower wages. so i think about vote him due he came to visit yor school impress. “mr bush presdent got loser due selffish and not listen my advice and jump too far ” but his dad got passed ada laws in 1990. i hope next presdent for 2008 will do samething support ada laws will do bestest. hillary clinton is greatest presdent too due first history woman and hillary presdent was in my freinds of my space and i feedback to her about support deaf and now i see on vlog for picture show me more enter deaf school awsome. but it is not finally yet and still more ask make sure support for deaf not make up mind.

  3. Rene Visco

    He has my vote, too! Am watching the Iowa caucus. . .

  4. Edward Nugent

    Bye Hillary, welcome Obama!

  5. heidi

    that’s cool and the isd school are lucky to have him to visit u all ! i wish i ve been there! dang !

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