AT&T iPhone Data-only Plan For Deaf people

I was working on a new version of (yes, finally!) and saw this post from Gizmodo about AT&T bringing back the data-only plan for the deaf after killing the plan because people were complaining about how unfair the plan was.

Ha, one Gizmodo staff wrote this:

We wouldn’t usually call people douchebags lightly (ok we would), but when you complain that deaf people are getting special treatment when they’re offered a $27.99 non-voice, data-only plan for their iPhone, you’re one huge douchebag. A Colorado AT&T store was offering said plan for the hearing-impaired—since they get very little use out of a voice plan—but got slapped down by AT&T Corporate Marketing because people were complaining. The upshot? No more data-only plan for the deaf community.

Then they posted again that an AT&T rep told them that there was no such moves to take down the plan but that they plan to offer data-only plan in the near future.

Somebody made a nice comment:

I’m a hearing AT&T iPhone user, and it would totally piss me off if AT&T required deaf people to pay for a voice plan that they cannot use.

I was about to fire off a nastygram to AT&T based on the earlier article when I had a rare moment of clarity and decided to check for an update…

Good call for AT&T to bring back the plan!

So, I’d like to ask if anyone has bought iPhone and has the data-only plan? With this plan, iPhone can go back on my Christmas wishlist. :-)


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  1. RLM

    Bravo, IPhone hearing user! Many thanks for your support on the data-only plan among deaf IPhone users. We need more of you in our nowaday world!



    That is true not fair for deaf not use voice or cannot hear no cost should free cause we cannot hear no cost price for voice, but in future they will know who is deaf cannot use voice take voice out of pager cause those deaf pager is only for typing each of words or veido for sign langauge.also should cheapest use pay for pager like one cents per min . good idea because of follow the type in minute why not ?

  3. Lantana

    Why just for the iphone? I am with AT&T but I have a Blackberry Curve. When the girl programmed my BB for me, she just didn’t program in the voice part. But I still pay $63.00 a month, that is pretty stiff!

  4. twallclimber

    att mobility does offer two TAPs to deaf subscribers. at&t mobility offers at&t tilt, 8525, Motorola Q9, Blackjack, Blackjack II, Treo 750. Treo 680. those mobiles are accepted for TAP(s). TAP doesnt accept any blackberry devices however there are several data plans without voice for blackbery devices like starting 35 dollars for personal data plan and the list goes on. a lot of people said RIM server is very expensive to run. if i have my own bb device i would choose 40 or 45 dollars a month plan, but i have at&t tilt which is the best mobile that meets my needs.

    Look at Tmobile that does offer 40 a month for blackberry device, am i right ?

    at&t is working very hard to get the TAP for iphone only. according to my friends who work at at&t mobility, at&t mobility gets Apple’s permission to develop the plans for iphone. believe it or not, but it is true…. i am tired to see those deaf people blaming at at&t. deaf people should remember at&t offers ALOT of mobiles with qwerty keyboards for TAPs and at&t will release TAP for iphone very soon.

    i would consider to get a 3G iphone when TAP will come out.

  5. I am deaf, sign languae. tell me ok




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