AT&T iPhone Data-only Plan For Deaf people

I was working on a new version of (yes, finally!) and saw this post from Gizmodo about AT&T bringing back the data-only plan for the deaf after killing the plan because people were complaining about how unfair the plan was.

Ha, one Gizmodo staff wrote this:

We wouldn’t usually call people douchebags lightly (ok we would), but when you complain that deaf people are getting special treatment when they’re offered a $27.99 non-voice, data-only plan for their iPhone, you’re one huge douchebag. A Colorado AT&T store was offering said plan for the hearing-impaired—since they get very little use out of a voice plan—but got slapped down by AT&T Corporate Marketing because people were complaining. The upshot? No more data-only plan for the deaf community.

Then they posted again that an AT&T rep told them that there was no such moves to take down the plan but that they plan to offer data-only plan in the near future.

Somebody made a nice comment:

I’m a hearing AT&T iPhone user, and it would totally piss me off if AT&T required deaf people to pay for a voice plan that they cannot use.

I was about to fire off a nastygram to AT&T based on the earlier article when I had a rare moment of clarity and decided to check for an update…

Good call for AT&T to bring back the plan!

So, I’d like to ask if anyone has bought iPhone and has the data-only plan? With this plan, iPhone can go back on my Christmas wishlist. :-)