Who is Glenn Wolsey?

I found his biography while surfing around. He’s a 15 years old who describes himself as a tech-savvy teenager who once posted 5 consecutive days and each of the post made to the homepage of Digg.com, which is an incredible feat to me and he’s averaging 50,000 visitors a month. I’m only averaging about 2,000 visitors a month and would be a dream if my site ever gets dugged.

Founder: Glenn Wolsey
Official URL’s: http://www.glennwolsey.com

Glenn Wolsey defines, by some standards, the potential of modern web success. Glenn is a 15 year old budding designer and technology enthusiast. His future in technology, became clear in 2005 (at the ripe age of 13) when he took home 1st place in the New Zealand Web challenge. Glenn now maintains a successful blog, Glennwolsey.com and writes for New Zealand’s Mac Magazine. Glenn’s Blog does not receive gigantic, “Tech Crunch” traffic, but maintains a consistent 50,000 monthly visitors; a phenomenal number for a 15 year old.

“Digg Factor”
The definitive standard referred to earlier is the Digg factor. Wolsey, after moving to the (gs) Grid Server, had a taste of the newest form of web rock-stardom in the form of a Digg. Getting “Dugg” entails the posting of your product launch, blog article or video on the front page of Digg.com. Featured Digg pieces are “Dugg” by thousands of Digg members. The more “Diggs” a piece gets, the further toward the front page the piece moves and the more traffic the site will receive.

Getting Dugg often results in a site being shut down or simply crashing do to the traffic and load surge that accompanies this phenomena. Most typical shared hosting set ups are not able to handle massive load surge without creating a problem for neighboring clients on a shared server.

Since January ’07 to the time of this writing, Glenn’s blog posts have made it to the Digg.com front page 8 times.